Who should I chose?

Before you tell me its my own choice, just read a bit more, just trying to see how logical a choice it is for my situation.

I just took up the hobby of playing fighters competetivly about…3 days ago, after a while of debating and was immediately attracted to 3S. Im currently in a bind of deciding on a character; Makoto or Ken.

Ken has always been a favorite character of mine, and the fact that hes in the top tier makes him a good choice for the long run. But from the videos Ive seen and playing him myself (btw, I have no skill at all, if you didnt already pick that up :P) he seems sort of boring ot me.

I find Makoto alot more fun to play, even easier in some aspects. Also the fact that the Makoto forum has that great guide which makes starting for me alot easier and less tedious then finding the chunks of Ken for complete scrubs info scattered all over the place. But, from what I’ve read from Makoto, and non-Makoto players is that shes really not a solid character; it also seems pretty hard to find match videos of her now, although that may just be me.

Im still learning right now, and only do casual play with my friends who are pretty much completely absorbed into the whole fighters scene in my region (reason why I started playing) I want to get into tournament play some day and want to be 100% with the character I chose, but I dont want to be gimmped from the start.

So who should I chose? Maybe even suggestions on a different character?

Holy shit you better choose your character right now! There’s so little time!

Ken and Makoto are good choices, but it all depends on your play style. Ken can turtle or rush, but Makoto is pretty much all about the rushdown. Ken also has a solid all-around game, including safe chains/wake-ups/mix-ups, but Makoto lacks a solid wake-up move to get her outta a bad situation. I like Makoto more, but I started learning the game w/ Ken…

Some pretty good vids of Makoto in action can be found here:

Again, almost every character can be effective/dominant, depending on the person controlling them. So… it really IS up to you to decide for yourself. Maybe try playing as other characters to get a feel for them before settling down on just one.

Use both. It’s always good to have an alternate just for variety reasons. Plus knowing how all the characters work help you understand how they play and what to expect when you’re playing them. I did that and knowing every character a little bit showed me which characters I would want to learn really well.

As for the choice, I believe Ken is better for beginning 3rd Strike, I believe Makoto requires a bit more understanding of the game and should be a ‘learn after playing the game for a while’ character BUT I agree that the Makoto guide is excellent, and if you and figure her out right away more power to you.

Pick Chun!
j/k (well, half serious)
If you want an easy character (very strong, easy to learn, way overused) pick Ken. You will probably get far with Ken, but if you think hes boring now youre in for a world of shit if you choose to continue with him.
Makoto is an awkward character to get used to , but I think shes a lot more fun to play than Ken. She deals insane stun and damage, and she has some HIGH damage combos that arent too difficult to do.

Id pick Makoto, itll be harder to learn the game, for sure, but I think it will pay off in the long run.

I had a problem choosing between Ken and Ryu… Then moved on to Yang… Now I use Yun! In My opinion, If you haven’t already changed your mind, you will. So regarding a decision, I say try out the whole damn roster!

Yeah, don’t worry about it, learn the game well before you choose. I used to use Chun just because I could c.mk into SAII, and same with elena (c.mp) pretty much, but now I use other characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

If your at the point where you can’t even do specials or anything yet I’ld say stick with ken for now.

Him and ryu have very simple specials and supers to perform, like a lot of the characters do, but ken is the superiour imo.

Learning basic stuff like c.mk x SA3 and his mp, hp, srk will give you a nice feel of some of the easiest advanced tactics in the game. Already getting you ahead for moving on to other characters.

imo, ken is a bit boring to play with. aside from the shoto mind games, there isn’t too much to him…

MOKOTO is more fun that KEN!!! an also more dificult to learn!! but when yo can put two Fukiages after SA2 you will see the LIGHT!!! jijijiji

Well, Ken’s High Tier… So pick Makoto… Thats easy.

Makoto is just bullshit. Ken is more fun so play him instead.

Untrue :slight_smile:

yeah, Makoto gets boring quickly, she’s not cool and she doesn’t fit well in the 3s engine so you’ll take a lot of bad habits playing her

but take in mind that we Urien players are a bit biased against Makoto :smiley:

Those 2 are hard to properly hit confirm, one huge advantage of Ken is that he has hitconfirms for a lot of moves:

c.lk, c.lk xx super (:d::lk::df::r::d::lk:(hitconfirm first k):df::r::lk:)(do not finish after the hitconfirm upon block as you’re likely to enter negative edge which still causes the super to come out)
c.mp -> super (:d::mp::df::r::qcf:(hitconfirm):lk:
b.mk -> super against crouching
s.mp,s.hp -> super

I dunno about uoh, but it could be hitconfirmable.

Doom manages to hitconfirm c.MK xx super only one way(I don’t even remember which) but generally it’s used for punishment.