Who should I play as a beginner

But I dont wanna play someone top tier though, that’s just me though.

I wouldnt say gief is a bad character, I just would think he requires more Patience and understanding of spacing than you may be ready for as a beginner

What do I need to know about spacing?

I’d say check out the tier-list thread. the game will be easier with the characters in the upper levels. looks like things have mostly stabilized over the last few months.

im very biased but for a beginner playing against the computer you may wanna try gouken. doesn’t get much easier than backthrow->ultra. palm->super is nice and fast and does a lot of damage. ryu takes a bit more work to set up his hadoken supers/ultras. takes a bunch of work to win with him online though.

or just pick akuma.

I’ve figured it out! I’m going to play Rufus!

I think I played you last night. I was Guile and you sent me a message about how it was unfair that my PP was so low.

Pick Ken. He can break combos.

I picked up the game after evo when 2012 was the main game. I forced myself to play ryu for 3-4 weeks. [ I got my stick on week 3 and it sucked at first] Then around 2 months later i found my main in cody.

im not gonna tell you who to play as that’s silly but that’s what i did. I forced myself into ryu as i heard “he teaches fundamental” and im glad I did.

That being said, you may prefer picking a char you like from the begging as the most important thing is liking the game you play and having fun.

What you will hear: Ryu or Guile.

Realistically: If you can look at your own play analytically and try to learn what footsies are and how to do it it doesn’t matter.
Some chars will have low level gimicks, others will be frustrating at a low level.
As long as you want to pick up the game again and you take an introspective look into you play, use whover you want

I would use ryu for 2-3 weeks though if I did it all again.

Also make sure to read this if this is your first fighter: http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702
Fighting games make no sense at first and yolo works but when you get stomped by someone and think “WTF happened” after reading that link you should think “oh thats where i fucked up”

Lastly dont get mad at loses. Laugh about your loses and think "why did i lose"
Its ok to get mad but make sure your mad at yourself not your opponent.

You need to find somebody who you have fun with, but also aren’t frustrated with. I spent years playing characters like Dudley and Yun because they had fun combos, or Abel because he was just the first character I learned in 4, but was frustrated by their weak uppercuts and relatively riskier playstyles. I switched to Evil Ryu, and for once I feel like I don’t have any reason to make excuses when I lose. Don’t be afraid to play a shoto or a “high tier” if they feel right, and anybody who talks shit can go fuck themselves, because it’s a video game. But also don’t feel obligated to stick with the first character you like if you start to become bored or frustrated with them.

If this is your first fighting game… play Ryu if you have an arcade stick, Guile if you’re on pad.

Nobody help this guy.

I would say Guile. New players pick Ryu and just mash crap.

Pick one of the sexy female characters! Imagine that you are making love to her while you are playing! Win EVO next year!

Figured it less spammy to “jack” this thread instead of start another “I’m new, who do I play?!” thread.

Long story short, this is my first attempt at taking a fighting game seriously and I must say I am in LOVE with Dudley (admitted possible Smug fanboyism there). I just like the way Dudley plays, seems to me like a defensive rushdown type character, which kind of seems contradictory. Anywhose, would it be wise to play a character that you enjoy over one that is more widely renowned as “top tier”? (ie. Akuma, Cammy, Fei Long, Yun etc etc)

That being said I was also looking into an alternate character to learn alongside Dudley. Would Guile be a good alternative? If not then who? (Hugo/Fuerte? =P)

Dont play Ryu or Ken, Ryu is boring and Ken is too associated with bad players. Just try all the characters special and super/ultra moves and see which ones you like most.

Having fun => possible obsession. Obsession => being good.

Even if a character is really really good, if you hate playing as that character, don’t. You will get nowhere.

Dudley can be a riot but he’s a bit of an anti-fundamentals type of design, so something relatively gimmickless like Ryu, Evil Ryu or Guile could be pretty sweet to grasp the game from a different perspective. Having fundamentals will help with Dudley’s fundamentals circumvention style too.

I’ll be really honest with you–if you feel this way, you’re better off finding a different hobby. Self-limiting yourself away from good characters is not a good way to approach competitive gaming.

The alternative is educating yourself, but beware, education is pretty top tier.

See below for more information:

Rog is stupid easy and requires next to no execution. He gets my vote.

For some people not playing top tier or widely played characters is a method for enjoying themselves. The problem is that often it turns into the Dan OS - that is “You won? Doesn’t matter, look how much my character sucks” and “I won! Look how amazing I am for winning with this bad character!” - basically sorry ego protection for someone who doesn’t want to face failure. If it doesn’t, there’s not really a problem with it unless you pick a character so bad you end up handicapping yourself.

So please don’t play DeeJay.

Don’t ever pick Akuma as your first character. He has less life and stun than other people and with all the tools he has you’ll completely avoid actually learning zoning, footsies, AA or spacing (aka, you won’t learn how to play Street Fighter at all)

I would suggest Ryu as he is basic and has enough tools to teach you all aspects of the game
Guile is great if you prefer charge characters (you’ll have to try both of them to find out)
Rog is also great. Ridiculously easy combos, easy ways around fireballs and great pokes.

EDIT: Don’t avoid picking top tier characters just because they’re top tier. Picking a low tier character and getting bodied isn’t impressive to anyone.

Read/watch some tutorials on footsies and all that fun shit. Doesn’t matter what character you start with, but going someone like Ryu (Gets hated on but hes a good entry character), or Guile.

Also, Avoid Online as much as possible. You’ll only learn terrible habits. If you have no other choice but online then just pick Ken to break dem combos.