Who should i play in SFxT im new to fighting games


hey im new to the whole street fighter scene and such and im just wondering what character would be the best for me i have SFxT but i dont know what character would suit my play style i really prefer rushing in and dealing damage so who do you think i should play btw if you could also teach me it would be a big help thanks :slight_smile:


when you are a new player you don’t have a playstyle


I’m the same man!!! :slight_smile: People has been telling me to use people like Ryu and Ken. Use them and get the basics of the game and you will know who you want to use :)))). You should use the character forums and see whose good. You should also check out UltraChenTv http://www.twitch.tv/ultrachentv#r=-rid-&s=em because he teaches you so much about fighting games!!!


Megaman and Cole cause you probably know who they are.


Howdy, welcome to SRK! I’ll move this to the Newbie Dojo for you. :tup:


Yeah what pherai said

Or you can spend a year telling yourself you’re a rushdown player and realize you haven’t improved one bit because you blow at rushing down

But you keep playing Seth anyway


Everyone has a pocket Seth.


I’ve been seeing a lot of posts like these on here. Whatever happened to playing a character because you think they are awesome? Like Akuma shoots fireballs and is half-demon or something so I will play Akuma? Or Ibuki is a ninja and throws knives so I will play ibuki? or Cammy works in a military where an awesome one-piece-thong thing somehow has a tactical advantage so I will play as cammy? No one can help you like a character. If they do, you probably won’t be as attached to the character and you will suck and hate the game forever. Don’t do that.

Also, this thread isn’t really bad, but some of the other threads are like “I like to win, so which character wins?” Awesome.


do every characters trials and the character that just feels the best pick that one. Then try different characters to use as a teammate.


Ryu/Ken is a strong basic team that forces you to rely on the fundamentals of defense, spacing, zoning, and understanding risk v. reward.

You don’t have a style yet, since you’re brand new to the genre. Being an aggressive and rushdown-type player is actually very difficult and will often net you mixed results. This type of style requires that you really understand how the game engine works, how play psychology plays a factor in your matches, as well as having enough experience to realise your character’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. This is the style to be aiming for when you’re brand new to the scene, because you’re going to get blown up by the first serious and solid player you encounter.

Read up on the stickies in the Newbie section, as well as looking up any relevant info for the game and your team in the SFxT section of these forums. Youtube is also a great resource for finding basic tutorials and watching matches of top players, which allows you to analyse their strategies, so that you yourself can figure out the ideal way to play your character.

tl;dr: X-copy your favorite top player.