Who should I play?

I used to be pretty decent with Blanka, I did all these cross-up balls and random combos and stuff… I even won my first 26 matches when I moved from 360 to Steam… but with SF5, I don’t really have a character. I got to bronze with Nash but I still think I suck… maybe I should play a charge character? FANG? I don’t know but I’m terrible :frowning:

Who are the mods of this subforum?

You don’t have to tell us that. That description is synonymous with people who main Blanka.

Maybe somebody fast and fun like Chun-Li? Go for something different like some R. Mika? M. Bison might be your thing if looking for a charge guy. How about Vega? I’d say just go into training mode, go through everybody’s stuff, see what feels fun to you.

Alex lol

How is that relevant to my question? You just sound angry for some reason

Good thing you dont post a lot because your sense of humor is Deejay tier.

Besides this thread will get closed eventually anyways. Things like “choose shit for me” is usually against the rules. At least it is in other subforums

The rules? Why would a fighting game forum need rules? You kind of sound like a bitch too hah

So who is most like Seth in this game? I have a feeling he’s not coming back any time soon.

U have 2 understand dude ur basically asking us 2 make decisions 4 u. I get that ur just looking 4 some advice but u could just go into training mode to try out characters 2 see which one would fit u best, no character in this game is like Blanka so answering that question is kinda difficult. Not trying 2 b a dick here just letting u kno why others might b harsh 2 u in this thread

Rashid jumps around and is annoying like Blanka.

Because of lazy scrubs like you…

Thanks for closing.

Warning given.