Who Should I use Siberian Blizzard against?

My friend says siberian blizzard is the most pointless ultra that zangief has…and I keep telling him it is very useful against blanka…maybe vega might be an exception…idk…can ya please help me out here?
Thank you…

It can do a decent job of hindering Akuma and Ibuki’s vortex. The general consensus is (or at least was) that it’s also pretty good against Chun Li as it catches all of her wakeup options except block.

I’d say it’s also decent against Juri (it catches her pin wheel move), Dee Jay (he’s a lot harder than Guile to crossup on knockdown and it can shut that nonsense down), and Fuerte (can put a halt to his wakeup shenanigans or at least make the timing more strict for him). Maybe Guy too, hell idk.

But the catch is that Ultra 1 is also pretty good against some of these characters and it also does more damage. So even thought Ultra 2 may be decent against these characters, that doesn’t mean that Ultra 1 isn’t better.

#1 Akuma
#2 Blanka
#3 Chunli

You can use them for pretty much any 1 and U2 is awsome for people who love to jump around and try to cross you up.

why against akuma and chun li?
blanka and/or vega i can completely understand…akuma…not really…but chun li, i dont get it at all…

U2 is pretty decent against Chun Li because it can add that extra pressure when you knock her down. Because you can U2 her dashback & SBK, she has to think twice before doing those on wakeups. Therefore it give you some opportunities to simply jump splash her and do your shenanigans if she decides to just block.

on honda- his anti air headbutt wont work on you.
on Deejay- his auto-crossup kick thingy wont work on you

It’ll ruin wakeup srks and that sort of thing, which is great if your getting srkd out of cross ups. it basiacly keeps them on their toes when you’re jumping in and keeps people from jumping at you too much. Less jumping means more SPD’s. By far my favorite use is jumping in on ryus with ultra two and buffering during the freeze. Just gives you some options…

We really need a Gief q&a thread…

Akuma jumping fireball,backdash, jumping grab or jumping low sweep. Akuma will most likely jump to do 1 of these moves. If you have a U2 ready he will be scared to jump and be more cuatious and you will just beast. Chunli is hard to cross up becuase of her ex spinning bird kick so if u have a U2 you can punish her. Chun li, Vega, Fuete, Seth and Guy all have wall jumps. If you quick enough you can catch them with U2 as they try to jump off the wall.

Do what I did, use it 100% of the time for a month or so and you will find where it is useful. Quite good vs kara tiger uppercuts.

It works well on Honda’s Ultra I. I’ve tested it, though missed it in a live match simply because I called out the input too fast. I love U2 for Honda, especially scrubby ones who think they can spam down back on me all day (though without Ultra stocked it’s much tougher). xD

Many opponents will fight Zangief and jump because his U1 can’t hit opponents in the air. U2 will be great for mind games because people are so used to fighting Zangief that way, it really shuts down a lot of options that otherwise would still be apparent if using the first ultra.

I can vouch for this. I STILL use Ultra 2 almost exclusively. Even in the matchups in which it’s obviously the inferior choice, like the Abel matchup.

I think we should ALL do that. If there’s a few dozen Zangeifs using Ultra 2 all the time then we might find all sorts of tricks. Or at least have some crazy replay videos of when it actually lands.

It’s not about what works on scrubby players, you don’t learn anything from that. It’s about what works against competitive opposition.

I personally like it for Blanka, Chun Li, Guile, El Fuerte, E Honda, C.Viper, Ibuki and Akuma. This however works because they way I play against those characters seems to give me opportunity to do so.

I think it was WorstGeifEver who said use it on everyone and you’ll see what you prefer. Not everyone plays Geif the same and to confuse you even more I would say it’s even less about the character and more about who’s playing them :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite post in this thread

So I’ve started giving it a fair shake (U2) and had some surprisngly good results. I’d wager that I landed it 90% of the time I tried in the last few runs, with 75% of the success coming off ‘pseudo-wake-up’ U2s, and the rest coming from plain jump jumping and watching them jump at me. My thoughts thus far in my experimentation…

  1. Akuma…it seems useful…but as the curve ‘goes up’ in terms of skill levels of the Akumas…it seems almost useless. It could be my execution, but essentially they cover demon flips with FBs…leaving a ‘very small’ window where I’d be able to ‘leave the ground’ to techically get it off instead of doing the STUPID point blank atomic suplex with Akuma still in the air. With that said, yes you can catch him with it, but those scenerios are NOT character specific, and are more ‘general baiting’.
  2. Guy…this honestly isn’t a match-up that I know well, nor do I know Guy well enough to gauge the actual skill level of whom I’m fighting…my guess is they’ve been average as their spacing/tricks/gimmicks have all been easily counterable…but it seems that Guy puts himself into an increasingly predictable ‘jump’ - that a TKed SB seems to enjoy. I’ve repeatedly raped guy wit hthe SB.
  3. Blanka…same as Guy, he just seems to put himself in the air alot, and in a counterable state. Changes for AE that are on the table will make that a laughing stock.
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Yeah its pretty solid in the Blanka match-up so far for me. I actually countered Blanka’s ultra with U2, he tred chipping me to death, so I was able to predic it. His feelings were hurt like unlubed buttsecks…

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one of my friends on live says to use it on bison because they will headstop you alot of the time when you wake up…should I take that advice or not?

Well, yeah, it works great on headstomps. Problem being though, no good Bisons will usually use such a haphazard stomp that can be telegraphed with U2 in the first place. The risk of whiffing should they devil’s reverse leaves you horribly open to pain. I suppose it’s great if you get a knockdown and they wakeup stomp/reverse, but that’s the same risk of leaving yourself open to pretty much the rest of the cast.