Who Should I use Siberian Blizzard against?

no vs bison not worth it if you want to punish headstomp or devils reverse on wake just do cross over then headbut. Also vs bison if they are doing a fake headstomp on wake up wake up LP GH and then exGH right after to hit them.
Heres my list and how strongly i feel about the pick 10 being i would suggest everyone do it 1 being not sure why i do most likely a bad idea.
Akuma: Stops the Vortex 10
Elf: stops mix up hell 10
Chun: Locks her down on wake up so you can do other things other than u2 pick it but dont use it if they know you know how to use it on wake up if that makes any sense to anyone other than me. 8
DJ: Mess bad with his wake up game and its easy to get because you can focus all the sonic booms. 8
Honda: Messes with his wake up game and stops him from doing headbut as an AA. 7
Thawk: Stops Cross up dive BS and works well on wake up vs him. 7
Ken: You dont land U1 vs good kens might as well pick U2 because allows you to do in air mix ups on them on wake up and if they get DP happy you can use it on them. 6
Viper: I like using it on viper because her wake up options most of them put her in the air so kind of like chun. Stops that lightning aa thing too. 5.
Vega: It stops wake up wall dive mix ups and keeps him in the corner once you get it. 4
Seth:It helps keep him in the corner and i think it scares him. 3’
Gen: It stops his cross up wake up game stuff but who the hell plays gen anyway. 2

I dont pick U2 because of how much damage it does I pick it because it gives me more options and more importantly it makes my comp deal with me having more options.


El Fuerte

C.Viper (leaning more towards U1)
E.Honda (leaning more towards U1)
Fei Long (leaning more towards U2)
Gouken (leaning more towards U2)
Juri (leaning more towards U1)
M.Bison (leaning more towards U2)

Aqua, I’m assuming your generous usage of U2 is based on AE play.

I usually ask myself several questions when thinking of using U2

1)Is the oppenents primary reversal airborne?

2)Is the opponents primary anti air airborne?

3)Can the opponents jump back or backdash be caught w/ it on wakeup?

4)Do I need an advantage in air to air situations?

5)Does a situation arise often where U1 can punish something? Think Messiah Kick U1 ender, punishing backdashes in corner, O/Sing teleport punishes.

  1. Is the opponent good/wise enough to alter their gameplay based on U2 availability?

The last # is most important.

If nothing changes gameplay wise, and you’re just guessing U2, it’s probably a bad decision.
U1 is safer to toss out there, since they usually jump away. And it does much more damage. That being said, U2 offers a greater scare of reversal or holding up back.

As a Dee Jay player I can say that U2 is definitely not going to be the best ultra for this match. It has the advantage of stopping upkicks, but in this match I’m so rarely knocked down that I don’t need upkicks. Cl. St Mp all day to anti air Giefs.

Should really only be used on some of the chars listed above as they attempt a corner escape.

I dont see the point of u2 against guile. Ill never pick that against him.

Catch a flask kick

I jump over one, two slow sonic booms and expect them to try to air throw me if they see i fall into a pattern. I can get U2 quite often with this or as a counter for flash kicks. In some matchups i would be lost without U2. Chun, Dj, Guile, Juri (all Juris are pinwheel happy:-). Im not naming Akuma, cause im lost here with or without U2. I really like the choice you have with gief. With Ryu its U1 all the way, but with gief you really have a tactical element when you choose Ultra.

personally i find it more useful on a person to person basis when using it. like when:

*when i attempt a lot of jump ins after a while if opponent will sometimes get comfortable doing a dragon punch type anti air, then i bust out the U2. though in a tournament setting the risks and the time to adapt and read your opponent sometimes makes this method pointless because: A. (the person you playing against plays smart) or B. (you don’t have enough time to read your opponent)

*on the flip side i have also played strong ground games where the opponent starts to jump in on me out of desperation. U2 has worked wonders in that situation where the opponent gets scared and tries to jump, basically giving you a free Ultra. although you have to be ready for moments like this because wiffing U2 can be very unproductive

this is just my personal experience with it. on another note i don’t like to bring up what character it should specially use it for because there is just way too many characters with different people playing them with playing styles. so like some previous advice that came up: just try it out yourself. you’ll find what’s feel right for who more naturally. though personally i think U2 has always been a bit risky, so maybe you should just pick it for the thrill of it?

The best application of this move is to DP’s that punish Safejumps and autocorrect for free.

Players of these characters have gotten so accustomed to punishing crossups that it’s a habit.

Cammy, Ken, and Ryu are chief in the list.

BTW… I find U2 to not work so well on Honda b/c the invulnerability on EX Buttslam goes up so high. U2 will just whiff.

Cant agree on the Guile application. I know flash kicks, but you beat those on wake up for free anyway. Because of that he’s likely to stay ground at some point so u1 is mad viable. Air to air, j.lp comes out fast enough that it can preempt his air throw. But you do have to predict.

I find good chuns delay ex bird on kd. Gief hangs in the air so long they can react rather than panic. If you got good reflexes you can catch her wall jump attempts out the corner.

Only MU I’ve personally had success with it is Fuerte and even that isn’t guaranteed because a perfectly timed meaty splash will give you no time to get out of pre-jump frames. Good fuertes are looking for you to bust it out too and are baiting. This MU was considered 5-5 in sf4 when Gief only had u1 so I still think its viable and so does vance who uses vs fuerte.

As for Akuma, who ever lands a u1 vs Akuma??? That backdash > u1 shit on his DK is strait demon O_S bait. You might as well pick u2 for some anti-vortex protection.

Juri, i don’t know if i struggle bc i am not familiar with the MU or she just wreaks Giefs shit but it hasn’t been made public yet. LOL Out of the new cast she is the most ragequit worthy. OMG her c.mp is the MOST ANNOYING AA ever! Ultra selection is a toss up. Even though she’s in the air all the time the u2 hitbox will make you want to smash your joystick. While u1 can catch parry happy juris.

You are right, i dont fear wake up flash kicks, U2 is more important for me in that MU if they are charging down back without beeing knocked down in the middle of a match. Air to air im going for jhp if i expect them to jump. So im executing the jhp very early, if they dont jump im going for spd then. But off course, it doesnt always work. But i did ok with it. It won me some matches. All in all i found U2 more valuable, but it depends how the opponent plays his guile, or his chun. I often get a run for my money vs 1500 to 2000 pp Chuns, but 2,3 days ago i could beat a 3500 pp Chun, ending the match with U2 after knockdown. Sometimes im like “damn, he plays the char in a way i would have good chances to land U1”. At least against unknown opponents in ranked matches you have to guess a little i think.

Her trajectory is shit for U2, maybe it will get better in AE. i choose U2 nevertheless, cause i dont see Juris using parry often, if ever. But i still have to see a juri who doesnt use the wheel.

I think this list is pretty good, although with a fuerte wall-bounce I personally would considering using U2 for seth. That and I think U2 is what I tend to learn towards vs honda and Juri as it can threaten most of Honda’s good wakeup options, and it can be useful to keep Juri cornered. I wish it was more effective at catching her divekick.

With U2 I look at it more in terms of threatening smart players with it compared to actually landing it consistently. It’s something you’ll land less than U1 just because like Renegade said U1 is less risky to throw out as if it whiffs it’s generally because people tend to just jump away or back-dash and it leaves you relatively safe.

It’s really good at limiting options which is why I tend to use it just because. Also not having U1 makes me practice a smarter ground game as I don’t have access to U1’s range, damage and speed.

I’ve been using it a lot more, it works well against Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Adon, and Bison (it’s so easy for me to counter his U2 with my own).

That being said, it also depends on the player. Some are prone to jump more, some not so much. I’m not fighting tournament grade people, but I still find great uses for the ultra since U1 is damn hard to land in certain matches.

I did realize that using ultra 2 on gief and t.hawk is a good idea…because the ones who arent that great would have to jump to do an ultra or to try to do cross up mixup game…i realized this by trying this on a live match playing against a B+ gief…and it really worked

I think you could use Ultra 2 as an on reaction anti-air, similarly to Zangief’s Russian Ariel Slam from Alpha 3 - although better trajection.

I’ve noticed Aquasilk likes to buffer this on the ground using whiffed regular throws, or any whiffed normal for that matter. With its improved steering, you might not need to buffer it, just spin in the right direction.

Unless, you have great reaction time, and can hear the “shoryuken” startup, I find its a big guess whether to activate or not. You might be able to jump in more, and keep their feet planted on the ground for an SPD. Yet sooner or later, you have to follow through, to show that its just not empty threats.

So in essence, I think, I would use Ultra 2 against opponents who jump alot, as an approach or to escape grabs. Using it to gamble and catch shoryuken’s is a bit much for me.

I agree with this. Actually on the Zangief option selects thread Ultradavid listed this:

Now buffering in the Blizzard makes this about 1000x more scary imo. Depending on how close you are spaced when you go for the throw you can get Ultra on jumping out, backdash, and most likely on people who hold up. Imagine getting this off early in the match. Total Mental Guard Crush.

i pick ultra 2 against any and everybody. the threat of landing it alone makes it giefs superior ultra. gief is already scary close range, so ultra 1 doesn’t do much for me as far as meta game goes. ultra 2 on the other hand? i shouldn’t even need to explain it. the benefits it gives you as far as meta game and space dominance are wild.

seriously haven’t used ultra 1 since vanilla.

Many interesting thoughts here. ive turned back to U1 in most matchups, as I find playing consistently with U2 is fairly hard. It also makes my opponents do less jumpaways etc, which I actually dont want them to stop with, as I like ex-flats “loops”.

I use U2 vs. the following:

Akuma(Reaction catch JB fireball with U2 Tiger Kneed when he is cornered, also to catch bad timed flips etc.)

Blanka(Punish Rainbowball after focus dash, also guarnateed punish on u1)

T. Hawk(Neutralize his AA ultra so that nj.heabutting can be used safely, more or less. Catch bad neutral jumps etc)

Sagat(I dont really find it to be that usefull vs. Sagat as I originally thought. Bad EX-TK and normal tks, and TU uppcercut fadc-forward can be caught by U1, which is why Im proabably going back to U1 in that MU.)

Bison(Im proabably switching back to U1, so many times ive lost by doing U2 on reaction to wakeup ex-flying bitch, only to have it whiff while inside.)
Vega(Proabably gonna change here 2, can punish all stepkicks with U1)

Dhalsim(Reaction to corner jumps, also stops Dhalsim U2 at all ranges and catches it at most.)

I use U2 against every character. It’s easy to catch your opponent in U1, but I choose my ultra mostly for mind games, not the damage itself, or pulling it off.

What Aqua said. Even though I use it more than I should in a match the ultra itself is just amazing for mind games.