Who should I watch?

When I was younger, I played Tekken 1 - TTT. Never got competitive. Played them all, up until the Call of Duty boat came around. Then MLG and those other bitch ass bitches at Activision made it feel like I could become a pro gamer. Long story short, my ass. So my friends showed me MvC3, saying that I should get a game where I can have fun. I got it, fell in love and wanted to get competitive. umvc3 came out and I even got a stick. Played 1 local and got my ass whooped. So I watched footage of all the “famous players” (Combofiend,JWong,Viscant) got better and finished 2nd in another local. My same friends told me to pick up SF x TK. Which I did, and once I experienced no level 3 wesker, dark phoenix and all that bullshit I decided hell yeah, i want to win. But who are the good players , or who I should look for. The only ones I really know are Daigo and Jwong. So all in all, who should I try to watch footage of.

(Sorry for my life story, lol.)

Watch everything.

No, seriously. Especially now when all the technology is being developed/discovered.

If you’re looking particularly for youtube channels, YogaFlame24 regularly uploads match footage from top players like Kiryu, Poongko and such. If streams are more your thing, PeacefulJay currently runs 24/7 Crosses, although if there’s a tourney being run for it you’re better off viewing that for high-quality footage.

In terms of players, it’s a mix right now - since most of the game is still being discovered, tutorials and combo vids will be really helpful in the early stages, but in terms of players right now the usual good players are doing good. Kiryu and Poongko make regular appearances on Yogaflame24. Until EVO, I think your big three to look at are a
1)regular stream for the game, 2)Combo/tutorial vids for your fave chars(Lordofultima does good ones) and 3)Any tourneys that you can find the time to watch.

I hear about EVO all the time, but what is it?

EVO is a Fighting game tournament which usually takes place in Las Vegas on July. This year, it’s taking place from July 29 to July 31st, although the game list It’s one of the biggest ones in the US for Capcom fighters, with famous players like Justin Wong, Daigo Umehara and previously mentioned Poongko being some common competitors, with others coming from the world over. The games this year are
[]Street Fighter X Tekken
]Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Version 2012
[]Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
]Soul Calibur 5
[]King of Fighters 13
]Mortal Kombat 9[/LIST]
Prize money is determined by the number of entrants based on entry fees, usually resulting in high numbers. Last year the footage was streamed on Ustream, and the year before that on Justin TV. Usually big streaming names such as Sp00ky help out with the technical side of things, with some of the community’s best on the mic. Also Ultradavid and James Chen, although they also compete in some of the tournaments. Last year, exhibitions of Tekken Tag 2, 3rd Strike Online edition were played, with others being previewed and such.

More info can be found on the EVO official website, www.evo2k.com

http://www.frame-advantage.com has videos for lots of things, from SFxT to Melty Blood! You should look there for match video more than anywhere else, along with… well, everywhere!

Don’t forget to watch the live streams-- it’s ten times more hype than match video-- dick around here for help and the latest technology-- and, lastly, go to your locals!