Who should join my UMvC3 team?


I have played with every single character for a while now, and my two favorite characters are Dante(Jam session assist) and Doctor Doom(Hidden Missiles assist). Any suggestions on who should be the last character for my main tournament team?


Zero, on 1st position/point


hmmm well i do like his shipugga assist




Out of those three, I use Spencer the most


then there you go, Spencer/Dante/Doom


I tried Spencer/Dante/Doom out a while ago. Not sure on which Dante assist is best for Spencer but I liked Weasel Shot for the horizontal lockdown, plus it’s fast. And Missiles gives Spencer an at least 160k unscaled extension.


well Spencer/Dante/Doom is working out good for me, but i will keep zero as a sub just in case


Strider as 3rd, Vajra assist.


i need to actually get better with Strider lol.


Whoever you think is the coolest (or in my case, looks the coolest ha)


well how about Ryu with his Tatsumaki assist?