Who should pair with Zero?



In title. I have tried Soki, Polimar, and Ryu and didn’t like it. What do you guys think I should try?


ryu/morrigan are good cuz of their assist, ryu is good in this game. But basically you might want to team him with a character that can DHC into sougenmu and allow him to continue the combo, there are several characters that can do this, for example, now I play Chun/Zero and it works decently, chun has tons of mixups and resetsand can build enough meter for DHC into sougenmu from the kicks super. Also she has a fairly easy time getting near the opp cuz of her 3 jumps and due to the fact that she is REALLY fast and confusing to play against.


Any character that rushes forward is a good choice as Zero can dash (214A/B) with them to cross them up without the opponent seeing.

Otherwise for combos, Volnutt, Morrigan, Ryu, Polimar and Casshan would be pretty good choices.



Should help y’out.


Ken is really good at rush downs while zero is good at combos and pressures. Ken should be useful to you if you like to do rush downs.


Really? The only thing I seem to find lacking is the assists. JTC’s assist cant really help Zero out, but they have a lot of things you can HC into. You can C-O-A-R, JTC comes out guns blazing, and end it in Tornado Fighter. It comes to around 40+ hits, I believe.
Plus, if you get a fighting stick, a lot more things will be open to you. Which helps further in combos.

Uhh, anyway, Zero does great with Joe the Condor.


Zero & Alex

I have been having fun with Zero and Alex honestly.


Ryu is a VERY good partner for Zero, primarily because Ryu’s Assist blends so seamlessly with Zero’s Shippuga (Forward + C) in combos.

Other than that, I use Roll, because those water puddles can really put opponents off balance and set them up for combos. I sometimes like to distract opponents by dashing all over the place so they’d forget the water puddle’s there and end up slipping on it.


Keep messing with Soki. He is really good to use because he gets the opponent off the ground. Not only can you use him to increase the combo count, but depending on the timing of the assist you can keep the opponent low and continue the combo, but you can have the opponent higher to do a combo and as long as you aren’t at the wall, you can continue a combo again with a down kick attack because they are higher. This is most notable for shorter players like viewtiful joe or roll. Zero utilizes this well because he is so fast and builds meter fast. Also, with this assist, along with some other ones, you can use zero’s projectile super while soki performs the assist and be all powered up and still continue a combo.


Something I forgot to add to Soki as an assist.

This isn’t a new trick, but if they are blocking and you do a zero ground combo and they block. use the assist at the end of your combo, do zero’s “teleport dash” and start the combo again. the opponent is frame trapped if they try and jab combo you. soki’s assist will hit and you will have a zero combo with baroque which will allow you to use the assist again in the new combo if you know how to use zero.


mega is good but i cant extend his combo with zero cuz mege kinda pushs them in the air so i go for the rainbow super which actually connects


Morrigan is a great assist, With zero do a simple (5a,2a Optional ) 5b,2b,5c,2c,6c ( and time it so t the end of your 6c Morrigans Projectile Hits keeping them in hit stun ) then after you can follow up with 5b,2b,5c,2c,3c or go straight into launcher or 5b,2b,5c,2c,6c BBQ and do whatever. But I suggest (5a,2a Optional ) 5b,2b,5c,2c,6c ( Assist ) 5b,2b,5c,2c,6c BBQ and I suggest after you Do a launcher combo into A tag out depending on how much Red health Zero has. Also Zero Assist Helps Morrigan since her Anti air is Very unsafe and her can keep a combo going. With Morrigan do a simple 5a,5b,5c,2c cancel into her projectile and time Zero Assist so that when the Porjectile Hints Zero does his Uppercut then 3c with Morrigan since her launcher has mad Height on it.


i like soki as a partner. they both have great roll potential, and kaijin keeps the intensity that zero has, plus kaijins massive health pool compensates for zero’s wee one, which can help zero regain some bar on switch.


I used Ryu with Zero but then i later on found out Ryu wasn’t really for me (so back to the drawing board), then i later found out that jun is so much better than Ryu imo cuz of jun how so much potential for a rush down and omg don’t get me started about her bombs >.>


I really like the Soki-Zero team.

Soki on his own has great zoning and absolutely dumb damage, but lacks mixups and anti-airs. Zero provides the anti-airs, and allows for (relatively) safe DHCs out. In fact, overall, soki’s DHC game with zero is just ridiculous. Starting with Soki, a standard B&B ( A B C 6C 623A A B C 6C Issen BBQ A B C Oni Tactics) can DHC into Sougenmou easily, leading into a full corner combo most of the time (which is a lot, with Sougenmou zero’s buster resets). Or you can just Issen the Oni Tactics and go into his 236 fire tornado super, then DHC out into Rykoha, which also does a lot of damage (and, in the corner, you can DHC back into a fully charged Oni Tactics with the right timing, which is just stupid damage).

On the Zero Aggro side, Zero gets what may be the single best assist for extending his combos. Soki just gives zero so much time to get wherever he needs to be to extend the combo, gives an absolutely amazing amount of time to charge the buster for buster relaunch combos, and is delayed enough to be absolutely ideal for teleport mixups. Yeah, Soki-Zero is really, really good.

I find Alex-Zero to be basically just a worse version of Soki-Zero. Sure, Alex is a slightly better character than Soki, but Zero doesn’t get anywhere near as much off his assist, and he doesn’t have a single DHC worth mentioning. Ryu-Zero is pretty good, though, mostly because Ryu can extend Zeros combos effectively AND is one of the best chars in the game.