Who still wants an SNK tournament to happen at Evo?


I just had to ask because of all the cancellations and such, not to mention the fact that the old sign up sheet is out of date who is still interested in playing in an SNK tourney at Evo? If you have no intention of attending evo anyway don’t bother posting. In fact this would just be a side thing for anyone already attending.
Name and what game you’d like to play will suffice.


Im definitely down…will be participating in all games tourney playable


98 and 2002 please.
Unc, just remember that those who signed up from the other non-SRK forums (and many from SRK) are fully expecting this tournament to happen.


I’m so down for this. I would love to have a tourny for this. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Dude dont act like this is dead “we dont give up at half time” this is still going to happen. Not every body who plays snk posts at SRK. Come on man keep your head up:)


I left notice on all the forums regarding the SNK toruney at Evo bro. Take a look. The problem I’m having setting this up is real and noone on said forums has offered to help out in the setup.

One thing that was said on the other thread people have to realize is that Evo, aka the SRK staff has exactly that. A staff of dedicated people that will go out of their way to brainstorm solutions and acquire what is needed for the tournament.

Orignally me and madcow were going to spearhead this but now due to work and business mads not able too. So you got me a few thousand miles away who can do what? Haul one xbox to cali? I don’t have the systems. If we have the systems there’s no stopping it, but I don’t.

What I’m saying is that right now the tournaments basically screwing the pooch, if it’s going to happen we need to count up what systems we have and who’s bringing what. I was personally relying on madcow for most of this but eh, it’s a long story.






If it doesn’t happen, then oh well. I’m not worried, “they’re just games.” I talked to arcade manager of camelot which I visit time to time, and since it’s the only mvs they got they don’t think they’ll let me rent it. I gotcha a dreamcast and motw I’m willing to leave in your hands, though.