Who supports STREET FIGHTER III: THIRD STRIKE coming to online for current systems?

While SSFIV is red hot and other fighting games are getting a better scene as well, is it possible for 3S to share in the spotlight?

Im still suprised they havent done this, it’ll sell like crazy in the console arcades, easy money.

Only if it’s 100% arcade perfect with absolutely ZERO changes from the Japanese CPSIII arcade board. I don’t want new sprites. I don’t want balance changes or system changes. I don’t want a 16:9 mode at all. I don’t want new voice actors. I don’t want weak netcode when I already have GGPO. And I don’t want the amateurs at OCRemix to get to crap all over 3S’s soundtrack.

If Capcom can provide a perfect 4:3 arcade port for the PS3/360 then go ahead. But considering that MvC2 is still played on the DC in a huge amount of tournaments despite having a PS3/360 release. And that HDR pretty much divided the SF2 community with its redrawn art and ‘balance’ changes. Then you can see why doing a quick cash grab is something to not want.

3S seems to be doing fine in Japan. GGPO is doing fine. AE is a better port than Capcom could probably do now anyways. I don’t see a need other than a quick cash grab for this to happen.

How desperate for attention do you have to be to start a thread like this?

I could careless about attention…who the fuck am I? I just desperately want to see 3S get the recognition it deserves (yes, I’m a 3S fanboy obvious).

I do agree on wanting the best possible online play for it though.

Uh yea. everyone wants this game online. It’s said every fucking time 3rd Strike is brought up. This topic is pointless.

“lag free” is a ridiculous statement, fighting games online will not be “lag free” maybe in 10+ years if ever.

GGPO exists already, if you want to run it on console in an arcade use the dreamcast or ps2 version.

Capcom has bought ggpo code, so they can make it “lag free” at least for ppl at same country

I’m not interested in a perfect port. I have Anniversary Collection for that. I have no intention of buying a game I already have unless they make something different to justify my purchase. I’d be interested in seeing what Capcom can do to address 3S’s balance issues. After all, Capcom is one of the few vintage game companies that still hasn’t lost their edge. A remixed version would be nice. Perhaps they could include an option to play the original CPS3 version, but I’d like something more than a game I own already.

Only if they make it a perfect port

there aint goin be lag free but i guess so

Obviously the main thing here would be the online support, voice, I would pray Ponders netcode, lobbies/quarter match mode, these things would be very, very nice.


Because its pretty hard to get alot of good 3rd Strike players going locally. (for those of us living outside the last few metro centers of 3S love.) Yes GGPO is a nice option, but having a robust network supporting this really is hella nice. No, it will never replace offline arcade perfect play, but to be perfectly honest, thats getting much harder to come by in the face of SSF4…

I dunno, I would sure dig some 3S action on XBL or PSN, lobbies with voice would kick all kinds of ass, a large variety of good comp would also be brilliant.

amen to that. while SF is hot I think Capcom should give 3S another chance.

Only if…

  • It does not get a HD remix. (Make it like MVC2 where you can slightly change sprite filters so it works on HD tv’s.)

  • Has to be arcade port.

  • Has to have really good or lagless online. (I will settle for MVC2’s netcode imo)

  • NO CHANGES TO GAMEPLAY! Keep it ALL the same.

I would say buff twelve and Sean a bit, that would be cool

^ this

I don’t think there’s a need.

if they released it on current consoles then 3s might be at evo again and a lot of the new people that got introduced to street fighter through sf4 would probably pick it up. i think it would revive 3s here in the states.

This, pretty much. GGPO’s been showing that people still want to play 3S in the US, so a release on current consoles will do wonders for those disgruntled SSF4 players who wanna check out this game.

just play on GGPO lol

free, runs smooth, faster, shows ping, larger selection…