Who supports STREET FIGHTER III: THIRD STRIKE coming to online for current systems?

The community for this game is dying, and the game desperately needs to come back with a bang like HD Remix did. We may not like it, but we need it. I really do hope the Ono surprise in two weeks at Comiccon IS 3rd Strike for XBLA/PS3.

What are the differences between the Japanese and American boards?

Aside from the obvious language differences and some minor errors(Yang’s SA2 being MAGNETIC STORM~), nothing really. Unless the American boards all run on newtype, which I highly doubt.

I don’t know if it’s hinting towards a ps3 version but the playstation store just got some 3rd strike avatars today, also some from alpha 3

I didn’t know this would even be a question. Yes, any iteration of 3S–arcade perfect-only or with the addition of rebalanced mode–is a godsend.

urien bleeds in japanese

theres like 8 thread with the same name, stop that shit.