Who the Fag Hugo player in super battle DVD 3

I saw a tournament where the Hugo player came in a black and pink leather dress and the dude acted like a fag.

He was a good Hugo player though

Haha… I believe you’re talking about Hayao, the best Hugo in Japan. I have no idea why he cosplayed as some anime character but I guess the Japanese does a lot of crazy shit sometimes…

I thought that was Kuroda, whatever. Hayao is probably the best Hugo in the world, I really wouldn’t know who the best American Hugo is, the only person I think I seen use him as a serious char is Adolfo Luevano but I’ve seen him alternate between him and Alex.

Where does YSB now fit in ?

Not as good as Hayao but maybe right behind.

Not quite the best place to be , wouldn’t you agree ?

That made me lol in rl. 5star mentioned YSB beat the shit out of Arlieth when he was in Japan so you know he is a beast.

Yeah, Hayao may have a bit of an edge tournament wise but YSB is no pushover. His Hugo is straight up amazing as well.

I notice some Hugo players swicth betwenn the Gigas super and hammer mountain super.

For which characaters and why ?

Probably because they feel they made a mistake in their choice of super, and that the other will be of better use for that particular match up.

gigas is good for people with low health stamina as it can be an intimidating thing and imo is good aganist the likes of rush down characters b/c if there in your face poking alot the gigas keeps them from doing so safely, or if they disregard it they get owned for about half life.

hammer mountain is good b/c you can verify into super off of his good pokes.

That takes some balls to wear an outfit like that.:rolleyes:

gigas vs hammer… is determined who u are fighting… gigas is the universal super ill gigas vs anybody… hammer is also effective vs CERTAIN characters… heres my breakdown… HERES A FEW

URIEN: the hammer bc u can AA urien if he’s keeping u back with jumping rh’s… if u see a j.rh coming the hammer will suck urien to the ground and u score all 5 hits… and u can hammer after a blocked c.fp… use for wake ups vs urien cuz he can poke u outside grab range so gigas wont work on wakeups. plus it can go through reflector on wakeup…

Chun: hammer or gigas… hammer is to punish whiffed s.fps from chun… gigas because this match can be slow and u can bait an ex sbk and grab chun on recovery!!

yun: hammer or gigas… hammer for shortbar cuz yuns will all over u once he has meter and jump straight up with rh to stop dive kicks and if he does a shoulder it will whiff… j.rh, super… half of yuns life… gigas is for universal purpose

ken: gigas or hammer… mainly depends on how the ken player plays… i usually go for gigas… hammer for wake up purposes

dudley: hammer… blocked multi punch PUNISH, blocked cork PUNISH… see a back swing blow coming thinking hes gonna avoid a grab PUNISH, wakeups, land a j.rh PUNISH… the reason why i say j.rh cuz it stuffs duds normals most duds will try some kind of normal to get u out of the air… PUNISH!!! OH YEA TO MY FELLOW HUGO PLAYERS WHO HAVE TROUBLE VS DUDLEY PLEASE USE S.MK AND AIR GRABS TO STOP DUDLEY WHEN HE JUMPS ITS LOW AND THE MK CRAZY GOOD IVE SEEN TOO MANY VIDS WERE DUDLEY WAS JUMPING IN FOR FREE!!

akuma: hammer or gigas… mainly hammer, akuma teleports punish! he airfireballs u on wake PUNISH! but mainly to stop akuma from teleporting away from u… other than that ill use gigas too… u can use ex clothesline to stop teleports but ull lose gigas

The costume was from the anime “Pretty Cure”, and I’m sure there’s some kind of big inside joke we’re all missing about it.

Hayao better than YSB. Show some proof. I’m surprsed they haven’t squared off yet. YSB seems a little more agressive while Hayo is more technical.

I wish I could red-parry like Hayaohugo. He’s nuts with it. He’s the best Hugo I’ve ever seen. A technically excellent Hugo is, in my opinion, one of the scariest characters in the game. There’s no reason to use anything other than Gigas if you’re as good at parrying as Hayaohugo is. I mean, in his SBO match against KO, he literally took the second round with nothing other than command grabs, and half of those were off of a red parry against Yun’s air chain.

Download CoOp Cup 4. You will edit your post. Bet it.

Hayao’s the only Hugo player I’ve seen stand toe to toe with the top tiers on a regular basis.
YSB took KO out recently, but Hayao performs more consistently.

DL SHIRUBE 2 and see the beast that is YSB

YSB is a beast, like I said, but he isn’t as good as Hayao.