Who thinks very good sent > very good cable

i would say cable. how about you guys. explain too.

a very good sentinel/commando fucks practically every cable up if you play safe and smart.

abuse the unfly a lot and use flying lk unfly lk fly lk etc, whatever you do, but once you corner him and are directly above him and keep stomping the shit out of him hes dead.

plus mix up the ground and fly stomps to catch him off guard.

sent > cable

strider/doom and cable are sent’s counters…what are yall talkin about…cable/cap wins against sent cap IMO…ESPECIALLY IF CABLE HAS ALOT OF METER…but even if he only has two…he still wins imo

one mistake and its cable/cap vs. sent and if you think sent wins THAT matchup…then iono wut to tell u

You could say the exact same thing in favor of Sent…

One mistake and it’s Sent/Cap vs Cable… and so on.

who thinks this thread is more suited for the mvc2 strategy thread

also i disagree with you

i say it’s 50/50…

i’m comfortable w/ sent/capcom against cable/capcom…

but cable/cammy or cable/cyclops :frowning:

how so? don’t say rp xx hsf…cuz he can jump out for one, and u pushblock correctly it could mean the demise of sent if he does the hsf chain twice…or tries to reset the damage

I would prefer a Sent/CapCom team since you can just pretty much fly,kick,pan,unfly,capcom+fly+kick+,unfly,pan,fly,pan,lk,pan+capcom, which is pretty much dead right there,but on the other hand,Cable with capcom is like this

c…lk,c.rk(trip)+capcom,otg,psimitar XX ahvb or

c.lk,c.rk,trip+capcom,otg,grenade XX psimitar XX ahvb, ahvb and so on.

The good thing about Sentinel is he is all damage,no meter needed if paired with Capcom,the bad thing is he needs to be close,and Cable can sure be a good keep away player if done right.

The cable goods is that he can shoot,grenade,shoot,grenade,vyper beam,shoot, grenade…etc,the bad thing is he needs meter to pull off a half decent combo.

Well,theres my opinion

OMG. shit. i forgot. eh guys. post agian will you?

i mean 1 on 1. they only has 1 meter, and they are in the middle of the ground and both are allowed to gain meter.

who will win.
i say cable

Cable still beats sent, even though he has unfly.

Sentinel can’t unfly on reaction to AHVB like he can to hail. Plus it gets linked and if Cable has meter you’re toast. The AHVB factor will always have Cable > Sent.

cable wins easy…
sent has to capitalize on a gap or a fuck up…
cable just locks you down… gains meter like nothing
and can chip you

cable wins…
be careful of safe and patient sents

Cable will mostly win, but it’s not a free victory. The Sent. can still win.

Have you ever heard of something called Wakeup Unblockable? Prolly not. Let me fill you in on what it is. If Sent launches you near the corner and he has one meter, you die. You can’t roll, you can’t jump out, you can’t call assist, you can’t even AHVB because the meaty c.hp hits Cable THE exact frame he wakes up, oh yeah and I should prolly mention that you can’t block it either.

So it would go something like this:

FS combo in corner, (resets) c.hp (unblockable) xx rp xx hsf, relaunch, death…

But ya, it’s a lot easier to land an AHVB.

If randy lew can shoot good magneto’s then I don’t think sentinel is winning this fight…

I think Kuan will win this fight.

too many ways for sent to get shot. it also depends on meter, assists and the situation but the majority of the time its in cables favor

sentinel wins unless cable has drones or bh assist, he actually needs one of these plus an AAA.

In other words, everybody get fuckin shot :stuck_out_tongue: