Who to follow on you tube?(Learning SSF AE)


Just looking for people to follow on your tube to learn SSF AE better. |

What are some channels to follow?

I know TBird is one and what are some other ones?


Depends on your level and on what you want to learn.

Kail only plays Juri so the general stuff you get out of it is… fairly limited, but it’s a lot of fun to watch either way imo.
If you want classic highlevel matches, OverheadGreg and Yogaflame24 are the most well-known options.
“The excellent adventures of Ross & Gootecks” is also pretty fun, but I don’t know if one actually learns something.


[media=youtube]IhLKL_47bYU[/media]iam looking for channels that are like Tbirds. Where it teaches


For watching high level play: Yogaflame24 ; XblackvegetaX ; 0ShinAkuma0 ; Ov3rHeadGreg
For learning to play: VesperArcade’s Tutorial Series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL744144A71C67D816&feature=plcp

A couple character specific channels (just some ones I subbed to, may be of use to ya) :
Cody: PackzUKCody ; Criminal Cody
Gen: whosnkn
Guy: PedroMarquez999
Mak: LTheOldType
Juri: ArtistByDefault


All righ thanks


Are there any new Tutorial Series that deals with SSF AE? VesperArcade’s Tutorial Series are all from late 2011 Feb or later. Which server’s me no good for AE


From a tutorial standpoint, most of the stuff from vanilla/old super is still the same and therefore can still be applied to AE.

For AE and v2012 changes, they’re mostly character specific.


Theory Fighter.


There are plenty of people that that are good. I recommend Vesper Arcade, he has full tutorials on different mechanics of the game. He also has trials for specific games if you want to know how they’re done.


watch replays on ssf4evo, xblackvegetax and YogaFlame24, VesperArcade for tutorials and watch the beginners guides


Kail is switching to Cammy. I ran about 30 games with him last night where it was only Me (Ken) vs Kail (Cammy).
He still plays Juri but Don’t expect any new tech for her out of him IMO.