who to learn..


hi guys. i’m new to the sfiv and i was wondering who to learn in preparation of usfiv. when i was trying out characters, yun and yang caught my attention. are these characters good? also, do you guys think the buffs and nerfs will affect them heavily. thanks!
ps. whats the difference between genei jin and seiei enbu??


if your new use a gateway character, cough cough Ryu or Ken. get an understanding of the combo system then learn footsies etc. basically experience plays an important factor into your sf life. practice makes perfect i guess. and yun and yang somewhat have similar move sets but the difference between genei jin and seiei enbu is genei jin allows you string combos more easier and seiei enbu is after images following through with your attacks. hope this helps.

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If you’re new then don’t worry about learning anyone yet.

Worry about learning the fundamentals of the game first and once you have them down to at least decent level then start looking towards learning someone.


Jin is right use Ryu to learn the game, once you are confident in your ability to space moves, anti-air, do motions and etc. Then you can move on to a character you like the look of. :slight_smile:




You should just play who you like but you can also pick a more beginner friendly character and learn him on the side.

  1. I say learn whoever interests you. I feel like people enjoy the game much more and learn more when they’re playing a character they can identify with. It could be anything. The way they feel when they play, the way they look, their animations, whatever. Just pick whoever draws you in.

  2. Yun and Yang are good, but are generally considered intermediate-level characters simply because they have mediocre or bad defensive options on wakeup, and require experience in doing their various combos and setups. Very good offensive characters, but only if you’re able to control them properly, which most new players struggle with initially.

  3. As a new player, don’t worry about buffs or nerfs. Work on leveling up your game, and you’ll see far more practical results than any minor buff or nerf will ever do for you.

  4. Genei-Jin basically makes Yun’s movesets start and recover a lot faster, which leads to very interesting combos and mixups. Sei-enbu doesn’t alter Yun’s stats, but it does make several shadow clones that do whatever he does.

tl:dr Pick Ryu. He teaches the core fundamentals of 2d fighting games, is a very well-balanced character, easy to learn, hard to master. There’s a reason a lot of OGs in the scene have learned and are able to use Ryu in a variety of games.


You can be like me and choose Yun as your first ever main, but just so you know he does not teach footsies at all, similar to C. Viper. But strangely enough, i was still good at footsies for some reason… hmm… I think it just comes down to understanding what footsies really is, and once you do, you can basically play almost any character. But if you are a slow learner just start with a shoto. ( BIG TIP: Don’t think you have to shoryuken every time you get up -_-)

Yang is going to be great in Ultra, but Yun is getting nerfed. If you take into account all the other buffs characters are getting Yun will be like B- now in Ultra, while Yang A- or higher. But these change list aren’t final, besides if you really like the characters it should not matter.


Ryu, Bison or Guile.

All great beginner characters.


Pick whoever you want, aslong as you like the character then the learnign porcess will also be alot more enjoyable…an faster. Yun does lacks a bit when you consider his pokes and heis way of controlling space unorthodoc compared to the rest of the cast. His divekick is used for spacing also together with his st.mp and to a lesser extend his cr.mk. Yun teaches you most fundamentels but he doesn’t give you anything as far as FADC combos go and spacing with normals. If however you can properly space with Yun on the ground than you’ll be able to pick up alot of characters pretty easily. Overall Yun is an extreme rushdown character with a very scary offense and he has great mixups close range and knockown pressure. It is difficult to keep out Yun because of the multiple ways he can get in.

Yang is more traditional and controls the frontal space alot better than Yun with his pokes, he also he scary pressure but not nearly as scary as Yun, he does have very scary resets but overall he dpes no damage and his crossup mk is to incredibly difficult to do which takes away some of his mixup potental atm.
Yang will be very good in USFIV, Yun will be nerfed and will be low mid but i don’t think the changes will stick though.

Both character are fine for a first character.