Who took out Mike Z at EVO 2011?

For the BlazBlue Continuum Shift tournament at EVO 2011, who is the player that knocked out Mike Z’s Tager with a Litchi (if it was a Litchi) and made him just walk away from the game? I was watching the stream and remember seeing this happening but no one has any videos of this event.

it was me:coffee:

if it was a Litchi then it was prolly LordKnight, might have to check though

It was Hazama (IkeTakada)


Yeah, nice try buddy. NEXT!! Lol :slight_smile:

Was it this one really? I could’ve sworn they showed him just stomp off in a rage from being blasted on by huge combos by a Litchi player.

Yeah, I’m thinking it was Lord Knight too. But, I have yet to see any videos of him going against Mike Z’s Tager. Maybe Br0kensticks is right about it being a Hazama player instead. But, it still didn’t show the part of Mike Z walking away during the match. Could’ve been a different tournament, but I’m pretty sure it was EVO 2011.

Pretty sure that was the one. Did BB a double elimination bracket?

why does it matter

mike hasn’t played this game seriously since early CS1

I always walk away after winning


Well, I was discussing with my friends yesterday about how Tager isn’t cheap or overpowered and how I witnessed one of the best Tager players get smashed on by a Litchi player at EVO 2011. Now, the friend who was making the claims about Tager being cheap is studying Litchi and trying to master her while my other friend is an intermediate Tager player (I play Jin, Tsubaki, Haku-men, and Valkenhein by the way). So, I was just trying to show him the video as proof that Tager can be taken down with properly executed combos and pressure even at high level play.

Lol, well that’s some poor sportsmanship buddy. But, what do you do after losing a game?

Man I wish I knew, but I can’t remember the format at all. I tried checking CHALLONGE to see the tournament brackets, but they don’t have them posted. They do have all the other games posted in vivid detail though…

Mike isn’t even close to one of the best Tager players.

He’s not? Are you serious? I’ve seen several of his matches and how he has incredible close ones but always seems to win somehow. If he’s not even close to being an incredible Tager player then who is?

its always funny to hear those foolish comments about how cheap is tager, that its one of the most clear sings that they are playing the game at a very noob level, or worst they are very scrubby
until CSEX Tager has been always the resident low tier of the game, he dies if the player plays smart with his zoning tools and spacing game