Who uses 2DF freeplay?

bloop blap fart poop.

Asking for roms is illegal. You’ll get banned.

You should have familiarized yourself with the rules here before making a post.


And to quote that sticky:

“1. Discussion on how to acquire illegal copyrighted material(roms, bootleg movies, albums, games, torrents of currently available DVDs/games) will result in an immediate ban. That includes posts consisting of “PM that shit down” and the like, providing links, etc.”


I didn’t know it was illegal. Sorry. Mods, delete this thread but don’t ban me please.

edit your OP and delete the infringing request quick if you’re smart.

Mods can see posts before they were edited anyway. He better just hope they give him the BOD this time and don’t ban him.

Actually I wonder why the OP just havent posted his requests at 2DF forum O_O


close thread

^ so dumb. . .

For 3S, 2DF is better than GGPO.

Not if both people have decent computers.

2DF has always been shit for me compared to GGPO, including for 3S.

I know who you are, you’re the guy who kept negative repping me for something I said like 5 years ago. :rofl:

You asshole.

2DF has Twinkle Star Sprites. Until Twinkle Star Sprites hits GGPO then I gotta show love for 2DF.

Ponder, if you are reading this, please put in support for Twinkle Star Sprites.

GGPO needs support of more games which 2DF already has
2DF needs return of rankings which both services now dont have
While GGPO seriously lacks in Samurai Shodown games, there is no reason for me to use it

thats the only benefit 2DF has over ggpo at the moment…too bad the competition is so garbage for that to even matter anyway…lol

by exploiting the ggpo savestate system, they’re ways to play games that are NOT supported by GGPO…

For example.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.

Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition.

So in reality…GGPO supports WAY more games than 2DF.

That’s because you made one of the stupidest threads possible in GD, then just kept arguing about it for a week.

I know about GGPO game swapping things, but its just not user friendly enough to make sure that enough people will play SS games that way for me to have some competition. Also, its harder to seek unknown players on GGPO if you want to play a game that isnt officially supported and doesnt have own room. To keep it simple, its not user friendly enough

I’m still learning 3S and I don’t want some big futa bulged Urien Aegis raping me to death, so I welcome the garbage comp on 2DF.

Enlighten me then on what exactly I said. I can’t remember my state of mind at the time, but I’m sure I’m not going to threaten death to moderators anymore and be banned for a year again.