Who Uses Hugo's Taunt

Its funny cuz I never hear or see anyone use hugos taunt… it raises his defense like Q’s damnit!!! Hugo with Q’s stamina is just too good to not use… Hugo at his best!!!

He doesn’t have as many setups as Q but he as em…

After choke hold
After landing a antiair grab
After SA3

Don’t forget to throw in poison by pushing start+hp+hk it her sprite covers I forgot the opponent or hugo but she can be used for fighting strat reasoning… oh shit sounds like WWE. got ur partner come in during a fight and distract…Oh shit!!.. :wow: Imma try some new gigas setups with poison LOL brb…

The thing is with taunting you loss your chance to mix them up after they get up.SO its a 50/50 trade off.But after 3 tuants hugos a beast to put down. :karate:

Shit, posted before had chance to add stuff :confused: Like I mentioned, 4 taunts to get the considerable damage reduction, thats about 19 points of damage from a gigas, something like that. Anyways, yeah like Vigilante8 said, either taunt or go for a rush down mix-up, but since you need 4 taunts to get the full damage reduction and that Hugo’s taunts aren’t that quick you have to neautral grab 4 times near the start of the round in order to realisticly get them in. I get a bit embarrassed doing that since it does seem a bit annoying: grabXXtaunt>grabXXtaunt>grabXXtaunt>grabXXtaunt>…ummm,yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL yea even getting 2 taunts in a match can make a difference, taunts have saved my life like one time I got hit with a shinsho trying to jump in and I mistimed my parry and I was below half my bar and it still didn’t kill me, my opponent was like WTF!!! hahaha!!! I fought Yun and SAIII on a taunted hugo does chip damage LOL… same with kens SAIII…

I always at least get 1 or 2 taunts… hugos taunts are not as good as Q but think about it, Q probably gets hit more than hugo does… and hugo has a wake up and q doesn’t so u can rush q all day long… alot of peeps I fight stay their distance because I’ll grab em when they get too close… u dont have to concentrate on taunting like q does just if u ever go for a throw go for the choke instead of body slam because hugo isn’t fast enough to keep a constant rush down going

How do you do thoughs poison taunts on Dreamcast?

Dreamcast: up + taunt = poison…

I use taunts every now and then…
heres some opportunities when i use taunt

  • at the start of the round
  • after a :dp:+k
  • grab

So exactly how much defense would increase for each taunt?

after a cr.mk knock down is also a great time to taunt

Oh , I always taunt after a backbreaker … It makes huge difference in my opinion …
You don’t need to rush down your oponnent … You are Hugo ! You have fkin damage … If you get fkin defense , you may rule the world …

Ok , it’s not exactly like that …

But I think the taunts are worth the risk .

ok update… hugo with 4 taunts has more stamina than Q… but when hugo is on 3 taunts Q’s stamina on 3 taunts is better till hugo gets that 4th on in… even though it will rare but i tested it and if u get 4 taunts in with hugo you better not lose the match!!! :annoy:

Use taunt as bait, i had a casual with a turtle remy, damn hard to do some damage…a crazy idea hit me why not use taunt as bait? guess what it works.taunt then comes along remy dashes then cr.mk at that point i had sometime to do a 720 then voila game set done some heavy damage…hehehehe

His taunt is awesome if you have your opponant gives you the chances to get them out.
Ive got a question:Is the Poison taunt in the PS2 version?

edit:It is in the PS2 version, same command as the DC.

i heard that you had to do poison taunts to get the defense bonus… is that bogus? do you only need the arm-flexing by itself for the defense? so poison is only there for eyecandy?

i usually just do it with poison on the DC, and i never really paid attention on the ps2 if you don’t get poison out, so i’m not sure
anybody know for sure?

Hold the taunt buttons down to get the defense and all move damage bonus. Just tap them to get the non-throw power up and defense bonus. So Poison isn’t necessary for the defense bonus.

Q still has the highest defense- for most moves. I did some tests and the only move 4xHugo had a better defense for was Ibuki’s Super Radia. 3xQ had better scores on Gill’s throw, S.Wing, and a Shin shoryuken combo from Ryu.

Haha, I never know that, thanks for the head up!

After full taunt (hold HP+HK):

360LP: 31 -> 38
360MP: 33 -> 41
360HP: 36 -> 45

360K: 20 -> 25
HCBK: 9 -> 11

GIGAS: 74 -> 88

SAII: 35 -> 65

I usually hold-taunt once for the extra throw damage. Plus it does give a LITTLE extra defense which is always welcome.

How long does the power-up last? Next move only? 10 seconds? Till you get hit? It can’t be for the whole round.

Holy christ…

Does his taunt take longer to fin than Q and does his defense and power last the whole round ?

hugos taunt takes longer… but he gets the bonus when u hear the YAAA!!! sound… even though u are still open for an attack…

It doesn’t seem to me like the damage reduction lasts the whole round. Sometimes when I’ve been messing with Hugo in DC training mode, I’ll have Hugo all taunted out with full damage reduction, then I’ll leave to go eat or whatever but leave the game on, and when I come back some minutes later, the damage reduction is gone. I don’t know the exact length of time, though.