Who uses PS3/Xbox360 Street Fighter IV FightPad

Anyone Use these, And if so can u tell me if they are any good or not. :wonder:


Im getting mine soon in the mail!cant wait:clapdos::clapdos:

it’s very decent…

it’s not as good as the HRAP, but when you just want to have a quick match, it’s much easier…

Zangief is tough on it though… everybody else is fairly decent…

If you can find for $45 or less, I’d say go for it… any more and just save up for a stick… :wink:

I heard Ps3 fightpad has lag

I have a couple of 360 fightpads. They are ok i guess, but now that I have two sticks I wont ever touch them. Ill probably end up using the PCBs for a couple of custom sticks.

never experienced this… online play has more lag than any pad does…

Having grown up using pads (though I am going to switch to stick soon) I think the D-Pad is great, especially if you are comparing it to the 360 or PS3 standard D-Pad.

got a ps3 one…

hated it at first but now i start to like it!

I had a xbox360 one and it was a slight improvement over the standard controller but the diagonals didn’t register that well and sometimes that could cost you the match. Sold it, got a Hori ex2, sold it and now I am working on a custom fight stick.

Currently I’m working with a relative who owns a metal CNC shop and I will have a metal case prototype this sunday. I will keep everyone posted and if there is enough interest I might do a few production runs.

You cannot compare a pad to a stick.

The pad is definitely better than what XBOX has. PS3 Dual Shock is harder comparsion but having three buttons next to each other as is needed for Street Fighter, it can be played better on Madcatz Fightpad. If I was a pad player, I would go for it.

They’re good, but overpriced IMO. I’d put the money towards a decent stick.

If you have a PS3, just get the USB Saturn Pad off Ebay

Pad users who use Zangief, know that his motions have a shortcut designed for you pad users.

:l::db::d::df::r::uf: = 360 degrees.

Bullsfucking shit?!?!?!?! Ok, i’m not really calling you a liar, but i MUST go home and try this now. (You’re not lying to me are you?:sad: )

I have the Blanka one for the 360 and it’s the only reason i can enjoy this awesome game at all. I’m currently waiting on a custom, but i would only buy it if your stuck w/ a 360 pad. The PS3 pad imo, isnt terrible enough to warrant $40 that could just go to a stick.

6 button layout is the true winner… :slight_smile:

I’m using a wired Ryu one for the 360. I really like the 6 button + 2 bumper layout. The dpad is made of a softer plastic than the standard 360 (or most other standard controllers) so my thumb doesn’t hurt. Shoto movements work quite well (qcf, hcf). With charge characters I’m too often accidently mix in a diagonal when I want to go sth. like b,f,b,f+p.
The A and X buttons are a bit lose but that has not been a problem aside them make a noise when you shake the pad. I’d definitely recommend them over the standard pad though.

I disagree. The fightpads are better for fighting games and $10 less than a DS3 or Microsoft 360 controller.

Yeah, but with no analog sticks and no rumble and on the 360 no wireless you think they could have thrown them our way for $29.99.

I have 2 Ryu pads for the 360, they are prolly the best pads out there, but they are still pads.
I have rather large hands and I find I push more buttons then I intend to, its really evident when I’m trying to FADC. At first the D-Pad seemed really loose but after an hour or so on it, I got used to and its great.

I tired a PS3 one, and it it lagged something awful and the D-pad would stick, it was terrible. I’m sure it was defective but we we’re to scared to open the second one he bought and he returned them both. We are both waiting on custom sticks.

In summary, the fightpads are the best pads you can get, but they are still a pad. If your at all serious about SF then do yourself a favor and start looking for a stick.