Who uses the Dark Hole assist the best?

I feel like a couple of characters that benefit the most from it, from my experience, are Dante, Taskmaster, Wesker, and Magneto. They all can use it for spacing, mixups, and some zoning. I used to use Vjoe Deadpool Dormammu in Vanilla and dark hole was great for protecting my redhot kicks, and voomerang rush downs.

Just putting it back into focus, Strange. Impact palm, mystic sword L, then they get caught by the dark hole, beautiful stuff for neutral game.

Ive been expermenting with the liberation assist with Task since I already use tatsu, and while It has its obvious limitations im liking its applications. Anyone else use liberation over his other assists? Im not really a fan of Hole since sometimes theyll pop out when I try to convert off of it and Its awkard trying to pick someone off the ground with it in conjuction with Task’s down arrows. I can use raw liberation to extend tasks combos, convert off of throws, and then as far as charged I like to use volcano primarily.

I use Cap, Spencer and Dorm. Dark Hole WHEN CALLED CORRECTLY is gdlk and difficult to deal with. Think about this logically. There is giant high durability spherical projectile in the middle of the screen. Firebrand gets an unblockable ToD with Dark Hole what are you guys talking about? Unless you are accurate and into high risk high reward Dark Hole is still the best. There is a reason you rarely see A Dormusing Spells as an assists. It requires Dorm to either be first or second if not good luck. F champ uses point Dorm a lot so…y’know.

It’s kind of funny using Dark Hole with Frank’s Snapshot. If they block it they fall into the hole and you have time to set up zombies from afar or get closer. If they get hit they fall in, you get a combo and free levels.

I don’t know if this thread is dead yet, but Trish dashing around in the air like a maniac, when she comes down with Divekick + Dark Hole, it’s a pain to punish. Her H buttons also push into the hole nicely when used in strings. Personal experience, fought a Trish/Dorm/Phoenix with amazing movement in a player match for a mid-sized set. Connection was really good too, nearly felt like offline, so this is more accurate and less lag.