Who uses Yun in tourny?



Okay I am an extremly big fan of Yun but no one really seems to like him that much. I was just wondering how many people use him in an actual serious tourny?


No. Tourney Yun is for extreme experts only. Don’t even bother unless you can roll cancel. You have to be extremely good with Yun to beat average/above-average tourney players who use top/upper middle tiers.


Look for video footage of Ken. That guy is awesome with yun.


Yes. He’s evidence that Yun is playable. He’s also evidence that Yun is not top tier- Even though Ken is godlike with Yun, he most of the time dies to top tier, with only a couple exceptions.


Well i currently suck at roll canceling but i have been trying to get my combos to ge natural and automatic up till now so i think i might try and get into RCing


Yeah. Being able to whip out a combo in a split second is probably more important than roll cancelling for Yun.



Arturo Sanchez has a nasty yun


Well I started using Yun in tourneys… but I admit, I don’t use him again the good/better players… just against the average players…

Anyways, Ed Ma has a nice Yun and he uses it in a tourney. I believe at the Northern Cali Regionals, he OCVed someone with Yun.


ok, Edma kicks ass against even the best of ppl at FFA, he doesnt roll cancel. he jus knows what Yun has and when to use it. All u need is to practice, and know your character and u can be as dangerous as anyone, it just takes a hell of a lot more work.


the real secret to yun…

do jab rush punches all the time… your opponent will think “there is no way another one is coming,” and get hit. Then you get the free mixup off of the knockdown… ed ma has a tight yun too i thought i might add


you mofo… i just realized your “signature” haha… bastards… what other conversations am I in for you guys?


Search on Denjinvideo.com I think they still have some vids of Edma playing with Yun on there… Also are you sure he never roll cancels, I could of swore I saw some in that video…


I RC the grab, the palm strike and sometimes the shoulder. But mostly just the grab. Half of the RC palms I do are meant to be RC grabs.


dude you’re in every single one… I can’t get enough tae talk…

oh yeah, and ed ma has a dope yun, rc palm strikes are dope when you fuck up command grab cause it usually looks like you meant to do it… i do the same damn thing.


edma’s yun is fierce. i saw him play at midwest challenge and it was awesome to see yun beasting on top tiers.

i dunno if you remember me edma, i’m the scrub who was playing fubarduck’s A-honda and you suggested A-hibiki. but i was too big of a scrub to realize the it’s lp slash instead of mp slash.

good times:lol:


Hey dude, yeah I remember you. I was thinking since fubar was playing Honda so simple it would have been pretty easy to land a few of Hibki’s counters and slashes after blocked headbutts. Once you got a decent lead you could’ve turtled the shit out of Honda and that would get Honda out of the way without much thought unless he changed up his gameplan. Which I don’t think he did but oh well, hope my advice didn’t lose that match for you.


Your an animal with Yun Edma. and dude i heard how Japan went, those guys sound insane with everyone. The Hugo you played sounded sick (wiff palm slap into 360).