Who want it wit Gian?

That’s right, Gian will be BACK in 2007, and he’s hungry for that GREEN.

He said if anyone wants to play money matches, just list the amount you want to play for and the character you’re gonna use. (He will obviously be using Dhalsim.)


Proposed money matches so far:

Graham Wolfe, amount, set, and character undecided
Alex Wolfe, amount, set, and character undecided
NKI, $20, 4/7, Chun Li
DreamTR, $20, 3/5, Dictator
Sirlin, $0 + honor, Claw, set undecided
Watson, amount, set, and character undecided
umbrellastyle, $20, 3/5, Claw
Bacardi, $20, 3/5, Pink T.Hawk
CigarBoB, $20, 3/5, Fei Long
CigarBoB, $20, 3/5, Ken
Shirts, $100, first to 10, O.Dhalsim :wow:
zazaman, $100, first to 5, Dictator :wow:
BarrelO, $20, Mikado tourney style, O.Sagat/Claw vs. Gian’s Sim/Ryu

Buktooth will accept. He uses Old Chun li exclusively now.

maybe there should a be a money match thread for separate games or something

Planing on making it this year again with my cabinet. I will be happy to host any Gian Vs RandomAmerican matches.

guess my balrog gonna have to give him a blackeye and take his cash

sidebets? i like gian over all us players free

especially graham

how much you want against me winning? i could use some extra spending cash

feel free to throw down big amounts cause you know would be nice to have my ticket paid to vegas as well

any minimum or maximum on these bets?
Any other top ST players coming? Otochun?

I had to come in here and post because I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell the title of the thread was. Please write in complete sentences for the sake of humanity

Can I use Akuma?

i like graham over gian


He didn’t mention any min/max. As of now, Gian is the only confirmed ST player coming, but I’ll update with any new developments.

Hahaha…he actually specified “no Akumas”…:rofl:

Balrog FTW!

In other words…

Graham FTW!

If the set is pretty long (at least 4/7) I’ll put $50 on gian

guap on gian. bet it?

while i appreciate your lack of support for US players, if this guy is as good as my brother which imo i believe he isnt from watching videos, and especially balrog vs dhalsim my single best match in ST, then he has no chance.

I have faith in my good man Graham…

Ill put up 30 bucks on Graham

Even though its a sure thing Graham lol…Dont have too much money to bet hehe

okay. How about Shin Akuma?

honestly, I like to support american players, I rooted for you and everyone else over daigo/tokido this year big time. But from what I’ve been told by NKI, Gian is the best player in the world. If BAS vs. Combofiend was gonna happen in cvs2, combofiend is my boy and he is america’s champion, but i’m gonna bet the farm on BAS cause I think thats where the money is. Hey I hope you win, but I’ll put $50 on Gian if you’ll take it.