Who want it wit Gian?


by supporting Gian you support terrorism.


I LOL’ed…:rofl:

Graham - How many games do you wanna play and how much do you wanna bet? (I’m assuming you’re going to use Boxer, right?)


i would like to see them play each other and my money’s on graham. :tup: hehe.

US players FTW!!!


Oh yeah, and I guess I’ll play Gian 4/7 for $20…'cause I’m CRAZY…:looney:


I wanna MM NKI in st wheres that thread?


I will put $5 on Graham and $5 on Gian.


I’m waiting for you to make it. :lovin:


Evo… watch out!

Ahh, some good ole trash talk. I have one thing to say. I saw a crap load of post last year of how the Japanese were going to dominate, but it was an American that walked home with the $5,000. :rofl: :looney: :lovin: Say what you want fellas, I’ll just have to show you again how the Wolfe’s roll.

It’s good to see Daigo’s bringing some of his boys over, they must of heard what happened, now they’ll have a chance to see first hand. Yoga!

  • Alex




Then why’s your brother the EVO2k6 champion?

25 on gian against you.
25 on gian against your bro.

Edit: assuming I make it. EVO is stil up in the air.


serioulsy tough… if the wolfe’s take gian’s money… I’ll crown them world ST champs:lovin:

any1 going to evo east wanna Money match with claw?


Just to clarify: Daigo is unconfirmed at this point.

He wouldn’t even travel 20 minutes to play ST with me when I was in Tokyo :sad: so I dunno if he plans on attending Evo or not…


Maybe my memory is off but didn’t your bro beat your rog with his sim at evo west…?


I think Graham won Evo West.

I hate to disappoint the fanboys, but old school SF is all about US :slight_smile: If I can go my manage is on the Wolfe brothers. Keep practicing, guys. You’re gonna rule the world, again.

I think it would be nice to have a Gian exhibition. He would then play money matches against the top 5 US players and something like that. It would be really cool to see how things go.

If CigarBob and the players are good to it, then its practically done.

Gian vs Graham
Gian vs Alex Wolfe
Gian vs Alex Valle
Gian vs Jason Cole
Gian vs Watson

Pretty DVDish if you ask me


NKI : If I am there, I’ll play him $20 3/5 matches vs my Bison (Dictator). You know I don’t normally do money matches unless I am certain about something. And it has to be arcade, no console, so CigarBob cabinet or no deal.

And just for the record, I’ve played against the best Dhalsims in the USA, and Gian’s is slightly better then the CA crew Dhalsims (Wolfes and Cole), but it’s not unbeatable, just need to be aware Gian knows ALL the matchups (from playing his on arcade at EVO 2K5).


power333 - I agree that this is gonna be HYPE, so I’m trying to get the Evo staff to give us some time on the big screen or something.

Jason - Hope to see you there!

Alex and Graham - How much, how many games, and what character?


$50 on gian over both the alex
$50 on gian over graham


the real question, is one of the Wolfe brothers gonna win the whole thing again?


I like my money on Graham. =)


Definitely record this shit…I dunno who will win, but I’m edging towards Gian simply b/c of the reputation…but if Wolfe bros take it that will be hella amazing