Who want it with Takayuki? MvC2 money matches

Takayuki said he’ll play money matches at Evo. $10, 3-out-of-5, and he’ll play anyone…even Justin and Sanford. :wow:

So who want it with Takayuki?


Holly shit! YES! it just keeps getting better!

I swore i wouldn’t play money matches ever again when i decided it wasn’t my style, but Taka’s always good company, and not doing this would be like refusing to play holdem with one of my boys flyin in from out of town. So 3/5 for 10?

Ill be down for this.

I’ll take that bet 3/5 for $10? Yo Kai i didnt get to play u at ecc =[ wanna do our MM at evo? =]

All right folks. Catch us in the BYOC room sometime during Evo to play your money matches. If you don’t know what me and Takayuki look like, go here:

It’s gonna be hot!


i’ll take that bet =].

Yup chobo wants some of this tell him I’m down.

i want some of him no homo

Remix: Yeah. I haven’t forgotten about you. Since i promised you a money match at ECC and didn’t give it to you, you’ll get priority on my list.

I got money to blow, lemme play Takayuki a set!