Who wants a viper spar?

my psn is mincereth and im arguebly the best viper at gamefaqs.com so i came here to level up.


What are you doing here Hehwat? And why are you using Mincereth’s name?

Vid of Hehwat btw: [media=youtube]EgDAoVh-nv0[/media]

You’re free to lows on wake-up, lol.

EDIT: But seriously, your execution’s cool and nice AA Ultra.

Yeah Cammy would be so much better if down back didn’t solve half her shit.

Shame Hehwat didn’t do that in the last match, ahahaha.

That viper player(not me) was probably trying to do sjc back bk since he/she has such a life lead.

He should have been blocking ideally. You don’t need to sjc back burn kick when you’re in the corner any ways. If you have to mash just mash on grounded LK burn kick since that beats lows.

Don’t lie Hehwat, that was you, lol.

And yeah, what DevilJin said. Still can’t believe you let Mincereth get away with that, the connection better have been garbage or something.

yeah i beat him with cammy but he was probably messing around.

well im not too impressed with the srk forum vipers [media=youtube]LJ6YFXHms2E[/media]

I guess it’s about time our thread had a designated troll again. :lol:

Like any mirror match the Viper mirror is incredibly stupid to play. It also doesn’t matter how someone deals with the mirror match, its how that Viper player deals with every other match up including her worse ones. Winning the mirror doesn’t prove your the better Viper.

If there’s any Viper mirror that can just be bat shit insane it’s definitely Viper mirrors. Though it’s not like a Dhalsim mirror or anything like that. They both have really solid offensive and defensive tools so it’s not super random but having to worry about EX seismo and burn kick and trying to use those same moves to beat stuff like that can be quite a matter of who did what first.

I wouldn’t even bother guys, really. This guy talks loads of smack on Gamefaqs anyway.

wow nanto thats pretty harsh ive done nothing but give information and welcome new players unlike u who raged on poor yagaha. They call me mincereth cuz my opponents become mince meat.