Who wants an av?

I’ll do Requests


  1. Animation is fine, but i’ll only do animation as in like people talking.

  2. No team avs, except if you PM me, but i’ll prolly say no.

  3. I will not make Magneto Av’s

  4. I don’t want to search for pics, provide them please.

  5. Don’t ask me to change something, unless i spelt your name wrong or something.

can i have one of cloud?

I’m on it.


let me get one of magnus recolored black and green with his eyes and hands glowing and a sort of matrix background and have it say DragonGod and Team Decepticons somewhere and if you can a spinning decepticons logo but you don’t have to do that last part if you don’t want to.

thanks man good job!!

I don’t make av’s for you.

can you make me an av please. i put up a thread but nobody responded.


First of all you are the BIGGEST av whore out there why do you continue to come back?..and second read the fucken rules idiot,he said no magneto avatars.

cool I just want something stylish. characters or no characters. just no MvC2 and if you go CvS2 use the SNK characters. Otherwise 3S or just a nice car, anything really.

Just want something with style and class.

its the main reason he won’t make him one, DragonGod had his famous rep as an av whore.

Dam right.

I want a Darth Vader avatar with my name on it (just put -LCR-)

if you cant do that, Oro with my name on it is fine (but I would really love a vader av)

look u punk bitch i am not an av whore. i always where the avs peeps make for me now and i have not requested an av in dumb long so quite your bitching and stfu and i didn’t see the rules when i first requested obviously.

^ even though you do wear them, you also need to obey the two week rule. Which you didn’t. Thats why people called you an av whore.

Exactly fagat,so beat it your still an av whore and you will Always be an av whore fucken queer.And Liquid i love yourt av man,Ekilis is the shit,Loved the movie man.

Animation? Would one of resident evil from code veronica be possible? Like the logo and just her with the guns from the cover but make it look like shes shooting them? Ill try and find the pic, If not tell me and ill request something else.

Mystic: sure i’ll do it, PM me a pic.


youngbloods is done.