Who wants Arcade ports to current consoles?


Here’s a list of a few games I’d like to see ported

Aliens versus Predator Arcade

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Star Gladiator 2: Plasma Sword

Spawn in the Demon’s Hand


The problem with this is that most people wouldn’t see it as a worthwhile investment.

With virtually perfect emulation available, none of the people who actually care about these games would want to bother with what, in effect, would be DRM riddden roms that would be locked down to one machine.


^Much of this is true. I would say that it would have to be a pretty sweet deal, like 80s arcade part 1&2, 90s, 2000, etc with a LOT of those games from that period available. not just the stuff that everyone likes, but stuff that you may not have even heard about. I would even say chage today’s disk prices if you put in at LEAST 150 or more games, but It would be a challenge to get the money hungry people in charge to go for it.



If it makes you feel better two of these are on Dreamcast.


Shoutouts to Mexico and their bootleg cabs.
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Who plays Dreamcast online these days?.. no one =p And I know already.

And Final Fight was a good idea?.. that game died out so fast like every arcade game out there ported to current consoles. Emulation is great but it’s always nice to have an up-to-date version with online play for 360/PS3.

I wouldn’t mind having Star Gladiator 2 or Spawn. Those are such awesome games that deserve more attention.


id pay good money for cadillacs and dinosaurs :eek:


Star Gladiator ONE with netplay can take my money.


I could honestly see some great moments in fighting game history coming out of that.


thanks for making this thread op! i work at capcom and am coincidently in charge of 100% of all decisions to port arcade games to current consoles.

without you i would have never thought to port this!! I’LL GO AHEAD AND GET THE PORTING STARTED RIGHT NOW. GOOD THING I CHECKED SRK. we were going to make sfxtekken dlc gems, but this is a much better idea!!!


it all should be done within ONE MORE WEEK


Is it time for another nostalgia thread already?


I’d like to see Border Break and Under Night In Birth on home consoles, just to get a chance to play them.

(Never said it had to be old arcade games)


Well yeah, anything really.


Martial Masters.

The game is horribly broken but incredibly pretty. The HD JoJo’s makes me smile hella hard. I would also enjoy an Aero Wings/ Aero Fighters collection. I played the ever living hell out of that series.


Most emulators already have online gameplay without having to deal with DRM.


I already know that. I’ve been into emulation since '99. But that didn’t stop Capcom or SNK from reviving old games by porting them to current gen consoles. Some fans just want these games on a different online service apart from kaillera, supercade, ggpo, zbattle


I only ever got to play the martial champion one. I gotta locate this masters game and see what I can see.



The problem is this is a Capitalist society where most things are driven by a quick and easy cash grab. So Someone can take one of those old games, buy the rights to use GGPO and throw it up on XBLA and rake in cheap quick and esay money. However, as somone with EASY access to everything via emulation and a semi-tight wallet with regards to games, that is unacceptable.

I’ve clamored for the 6 player X-men, but didn’t get it when it FINALLY dropped. Why? 1) timing 2) and most importnatly, it was a port, they aren’t adding anything to the games to make them worth putting quarters into again. If you’ve done emulation, you KNOW how SMALL alot of these games are. Alot of the arcade stuff, especially pre-3D is simply layered sprites, nothign complex. Why not (instead of wasting money on skinning a la TMNT) ADD SOME FUCKING CONTENT.


What was that Unreall? Actually put work into a game before I sell it for a quick buck?

Yep. Imagine if somone got off their fucking ass, talk to MArvel about the licensing "Hey are there some characters you’d like us to add to the Xmen game? What about villains? Messiah arc? Yeah why don’t we add that in. Using the SAME engine, it would require some drawings, but not alot of animation. Resue background. Pick like 3 other popular Xmen story arcs and make new play thrus based on that. It would take NO time and very little effort beyond licensing to do that. You could even do DLC for new ‘costumes’ or ‘characters’ who aren’t Xmen like Deadpool.

Or take that game and flip the engine into an Avenger’s game with new sprites.

The options are there to make GOOD money, but so long as you’re rehashing shit that we’ve had emulated for…well I was doing Emu back in 98/99…we’ll say since 00’, you arne’t going to do real damage.

How hard would it have been to add content to Altered Beast?


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