***Who wants HDR at EVO 2011?***


*** HDR at EVO 2K11 July 30th, 2011, The Rio Hotel - Las Vegas, NV ***
Who wants HDR at EVO 2K11? Well, we are bringing it to you.

DFW Fight Club from Texas is bringing HDR to Evo!

I won’t make a big deal out of it here.

Discuss it here if you want, but find it in the tournament thread here.


I’d be willing to participate in this if it happens as a side-event at EVO - the more games, the merrier. But I don’t think that HDR should be on the main stage - only arcade ST, if it ends up being at EVO (which is being worked on).


HDR or ST I don’t care just get me my ST :smiley:


Hey Voltech, would you be willing to donate a custom stick to the winner?


I prefer HDR but I’m down for anything SF2 related


This thread isnt called “Who wants HDR as a side event at EVO, not on the main stage, but only ST arcade on the main stage?” lmao!

Now back to the original question…

I want HDR at EVO 2011!


I’d consider it if it will help bring in some numbers and build more Hype but I don’t want to be the only one contributing. This needs to be an organized team effort.