Who wants to be on youtube?

Hey there,

I recently got an HD PVR and was wondering if anyone here would like to have their SSF4 matches on youtube. Eventually I will hold a ‘televised’ tournament but in the meantime I want to see how good some of you are.

You won’t be fighting me though since I’m terrible at the game. But you will be fighting someone else from the community. If you’re interested then simply add me on PSN (xarathustratv) or post your PSN here.

–Contact Info–
PSN: XarathustraTV
Email: [email]xarathustratv@gmail.com[email]

EDIT: Wait, nevermind. That was for me lol.


Im down, PSN: BrokenGolem ill add u later

Heh, perfect opportunity! I suck but I would love to get some matches online.I need to see what i’m doing wrong…My PSN is AlexM305 add me! I’ll add you when I can. I’m terrible too maybe we can play each other and learn.

Hit me up whenever I’m on, son.

Alright I’ve added you all. Now I need to wait for two of you to be on at the same time so that I can record a match. You won’t be playing against me however since I’m really bad.

Let me in on this. Need any and all experience.

send me a request ill verse u

Yeah except you rejected my friend request (xenomonytv).

Wu-Renegade…add me to this

Im Gonna do it ill add you
Psn: Tagxtx3

The new PSN is ‘XenithTV’ and the youtube channel is ‘youtube.com/xenithtv’. Had to make a new channel because of some problems…

Ayo ggs today, I could’ve did way better than I did. Tips are very appreciated.

Lol nice c viper Wu. If you turtled it out more you couda won

u should do more mixups like cancel whatever into overhead

Ill play


Ahhh, why not? Add me, BonafydeSkillz. Just let me know when you’re going to start recording, and I’m in.

Alright guys here are some videos. More to come:



Yeah, thnx. I just had an off day yesterday I’m trying to improve. thnx alot for the tips.