Who Wants To Be Premium?

Hey SRK. I need some help here and anyone who can help me will be rewarded with being upgraded to premium. The better the design, the longer I’ll make you premium. Thanks in advance everybody.

Right now I’m in a real bind. I’m trying to order a great custom arcade stick from Dreaded Fist but I need a design for my stick before I can order it. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Photoshop so I can’t make the design myself.

I already have some pics that I want to use for the design so that’ll make things easier. Here are the pics that I’m trying to use:

            EDITED ON 8/14/2005

Ryu - http://www.geocities.com/chrisvaliant/03-1280X1024.jpg
Ken - http://www.geocities.com/chrisvaliant/08-1280X1024.jpg
Ryu & Ken - http://www.geocities.com/chrisvaliant/Art-11.jpg

Here’s the idea:

  • I want the Ryu pic where he’s doing the hadoken to be on the far left and it could be facing right.
  • The picture of Ken doing the shoryuken should be on the far right and Ken should be facing to the left.
  • The picture of Ryu and Ken fighting should be in the center

I’m trying to use those three in the design. The template for the design is attached below.

ill give it a shot, any color you want the background to be and did you want your srk name on it somewhere???

I would but its up to alee if i can lol.

Yeah i’d prolly lose if monkey makes one =[ ah what the hell just gimme the premium when u win monkey =D go for it homie
besides ill still love you :pleased:

As for the color background I don’t care what it is. Personally I don’t have much of a creative sense.

Don’t put my SRK name in it. Instead of my SRK name put “C4” instead. That’s actually my nickname. Just don’t make the name too big.

You’re more than welcome to try. The more ideas the better.

man. i remember making one of these for myself. This shit takes a lifetime to get it perfect

Im on it!!

Man that Ryu pic is a bitch to cut out. :looney:

And the Millia pic is pretty shitty quality…

How the hell do I attach an image? Arg

I got your PM but the link wasn’t working.

Exactly why I need to know how to attach, argh!

Attachments are for premium members only.

I figured, gay.

I found a place though, check your PMs Rokusho. :tup:

Sent you a PM SaffronsGhost.

The “contest” isn’t over people. aLee and monkeyspank, if you’re still working on a design just let me know so that I don’t think you’re not trying anymore. I can wait till you’re all done before deciding.

I guess Im the only one doing this? :encore:

Is anybody still gonna try at this? I need to know in case I get a design soon. I don’t want to cut anybody out unfairly.

Meh, I suck, nevermind. :lol:


So far nobody has finished with the design so there’s still a chance for anybody to become premium.

Want a team light kick stick?