Who wants to get owned?

It’s time for you to face the fabio.


Fabio needs to give or receive ownage.

No, ST, chief?

I will give you much ownage in VS 1 &2 or VH2.

omg! free beatdowns!!! :slight_smile:

as said earlier…


Heh It’s Fabio I’'ll own you for free…:angel:

When do u fools wish to be sodomized? PM Fabio for further notice on your ass-handings.

I’ll play you MVC on Kawaks. Down?

Since Fabio did not reply to the ST challenge, The Musashi will gladly accpet your challenege in MSH.

down on final burn and Mame. fabio does not play ST on pc. Homer simpson. u will feel my wrath. I will be on around 8:00pm

fabio played Kaillera today and wow. fabio’s inputs are entered one full second after. How horrible. but what not, the ownage reigns.

You’re a n00b! That’s obviously Mr Sparkle, not Homer.