Who wants to help me out? ^_^



yeah ive been trying to learn by just reading up in the forums but i dont think im gonna learn anything like the real thing so i would just like to know if any of my fellow magnetos would like to help a friend in need

and yes i need it.

im on xbox gamertag miind lol (go figure)

pls pls pls pls help me just so u know i really want tips on overall playing also

also im on east coast


I added, I dont quite know the Fierce Fierce Fierce combo but I know how the game works lol


I’d like to get a tutor as well. I was watch the WNF footage from [media=youtube]v8pZE2I-k4c#t=61m01s"[/media] and Aris’ Magneto was ridiculous.

I only know a couple things like using Doom’s missiles to cover an approach with :qcb:+:s:, :s:. But I do have trouble tri-jumping. I learned how to do it in MVC2 with minimal skill haha but I’m disappointed that tri-jumping in this game is slower.

essentially I’d like to know how to approach and keep pressure up and I’d like to learn what to do after certain air combos like one in the link above(it was a fly combo involving fierce xx adf xx fierce loop).