Who wants to make $30?

Note: I did not post this I just came across it today.


Haha, oh God, wish I lived in SF.

Me too. That would be the quickest $30 I’ve ever made. Haha. That guy is serious about his icons/titles.

i live in sf…hmm

Yo Viper’s trials are no joke. Playing Viper as a character should at least give you a 9-5 job payout. AT LEAST. At most 100k+ salary of course.

Actually this doesn’t surprise me too much cuz I went to the weekly gathering at the local university (UMBC) and one of the guys there gave me a dollar for each Viper trial I finished for him. He literally came up to me and asked me to do them for him as soon as he saw me cuz he knew I was the Viper pro of the area. He couldn’t do hard trials 3, 4 or 5 and I did them all in front of him in 3 minutes and earned 3 quick bucks. :lol:

Aw man don’t me started on her dumb trials. Most of them are retarded as hell for no reason. Like fa lvl 3, cr hp, hp tk feint, ultra… c’mon now. They could have put in combos that people actually use and still have the same difficulty to perform.

^^^ I don’t know man, they’d all be FFF corner combos.

If you were in SoCal i’d do it quick man. $30 goes a long way around Halloween man. To many $5 covers.

Nah they could do like st lk, st lk, cr mp sjc ultra, or seismo to bk, ultra midscreen, fff - ex seismo, sjc fadc - ultra… etc. There’s a lot they could have done that would be more useful.

I don’t feel like dying today, so I won’t respond to that ad.

sjc fadc is not a game mechanic

It could be in the trials man. I don’t care what you call it.

Is too.

Oh shit, there was a guy on Gamefaqs who said he’d pay to have Viper’s hard trials done, lol, he must be the same dude!

lmao funny shit

I actually found Viper’s trials to be quite easy after learning FFF

Gen’s last trial on the other hand…:annoy:

this dude lives so close to my place… too bad I’m no good with viper…


Viper trials are stupid?! How dare you say jumping roundhouse standing short crouching jab Ultra is impracticable!!!

I’d be down to do it, but it’d cost me more than $30 in gas to get there =/

That’s like saying grounded SJC’d burn kick off of a seismo is not a game mechanic. It’s a glitch of multiple game mechanics yet it’s in the trial. Combos in the original SF2 were basically glitching the mechanics of the hit stun of different moves. They weren’t really intended to be part of the gameplay. Then they were officially recognized and implemented as a viable tactic.

Well, that makes me kinda regret that I’m not in the US, haha. I enjoyed the trials with C. Viper.

Now, Abel on the other hand…

Abel’s are weaksauce compared to Viper’s dude. If you can do Viper’s you should be able to run through Abel’s no problem.

Do you even play Viper?