Who Wants to See The Dark Knight?

I ask because we should reserve tickets ASAP. Maybe see it before Zach’s on Friday. If you’re interested, post up with a preferred time and/or location.

I do. I don’t get off until 5pm though.

I am going to try to see it Thursday night. I work till 11 on Friday

FYI, I am watching it at Pacific place, the 3:40 show.



I know who DOESN’T want to see the dark knight. CRIMINALS. yuk yuk

I’m interested, I’m off work at 5:30

Count me in

For what it’s worth, Batman Begins is one of the discs I have on Blu-Ray, so it’s not going to bother me if people want to rewatch that on Friday…

watching bruce wayne get slapped…TWICE in blu-ray might cause me to die from laughter.

I can’t wait to watch this. It’s in IMAX too.

This movie is 2:32 long. O_O

I am planning on seeing this tonight at 12:01.

This theater still has tickets.

I am busy all of Friday so I was hoping to see it tonight. Anyone interested?


I wanna see it and all, but I A) don’t like movies B) don’t have the attention span to sit there for that long. I know it’s good, nobody needs to say that again… I just hope it keeps you hooked throughout.

Nigga quit hatin’.

Elias, it’s 2.5 hours of a dude in tights and a leather mask. You should be all over that shit. I recall what you said about Lycra a couple of months ago in the negro thread.

What’s with movies being ridiculously long these days? Batman Begins also too forever to finish. SOme times short, concise, and to the point is more powerful than drawn out chase scenes that aren’t necessary.

Added to the fact that christian bale’s fine ass is in the suit? COME ON!

and about movies being ridiculously long, I want to say that years ago movies were about 2 hours long all the time. For me I noticed movies got shorter and shorter by the mid 90’s? I’m glad that they are a little longer (at least those that are worth seeing).

One more thing, I’m sure this movie is going to be a topic at Zach’s later today. So what do we do with those poor souls that couldn’t or dare I say it, WOULDN’T go see this movie on opening day.

I take it you are not a fan of excellent movies.

that’s why the killer snowman biopic, Jack Frost is such a good movie. it’s only 89 minutes long!

Try “The GingerDead Man” voiced by the excellently wierd Gary Busey.