Who watches The Watchmen?

Neptune (45th and University Ave in Seattle) has got a Thur/Fri midnight showing that I’m considering attending. Doesn’t look like Oak Tree is doing a midnight showing. If so, I might attend that screening instead. Any other bums without obligations want to join me?

Cinerama and Pacific Place also have midnight showings. But it’s easier to find free parking near the AVE.

I would be down for the crown. Someone drive me, so that I can drink 3 cans of tilt before showtime.

I’d also be up/down for this.

I’m so angry I’m missing it opening weekend to go to fucking Detroit. It’s been on my calendar for two years. :mad: Love >> Watchmen, I guess.

If anybody gets Wednesday tickets, bring me.

Fuck that! If anybody gets Wednesday tickets, bring me.

line squatting for watchmen advance screening now. woot! :coffee:

I may go to the UW screening on Wednesday. Its more fun to go with people who actually excited about seeing the movie though.

Yeah… I was busy watching Madea goes to Jail… Good Times.

I’ll be at Pablo’z tomorrow. People who want in on this can make plans there. Or, call one of us after. I’m sending word to some UW students that I know, hoping that they can scrounge tickets for the Wednesday showing. Who here would be interested in that should we be able to do so?

If the UW screening is full, Thur/Fri mid-night showing it’ll be. I’m probably leaning towards the Neptune. If someone has sworn a blood oath against going there, I’ll consider Pacific Place or Cinerama. But only if the blood oath involves a raped sibling/fiance, and we do a Bollywood style dance sequence sometime during the night.

Pretty good. There’s more violence than I thought there would have been, though.

Hella tight movie. Everyone go see it.

I’m waiting to receive the free tickets from the Best Buy offer. Hurry up USPS.

Anyone catching the midnight showing tonite???

just got back from the movie. I appreciated the pace of the movie and felt most characters got decent time in telling their story. Rorschach definitely got the proper treatment out of everyone tho! Recommended, but get ready for some super blue dong action!! haha.


read the graphic novel? wait for the dvd.

just my 2 cents

I’m curious as to why they decided to circumcise Dr Manhattan

I liked the movie, although the action scenes are at times gratuitous, especially the part where theres an absolutely needless slow mo explosion behind SS, because she doesn’t even really have to move to get out of it.

You almost made us choke on the tapioca. You don’t get to have an opinion. Curse your people for inventing UNO.

I saw a midnight showing at the Southcenter IMAX. It was…pretty good. I almost think it was a bad thing to be as familiar with the graphic novel as I am. I’ve read the story 5 or 6 times over the years so I noticed, and was irritated at, every little change.

Also, HeavyD, Dr. Manhattan was anatomically correct. Did you not notice his glowing blue schlong?
Edit: Oh, you said circumcise, not castrate. Got those confused somehow…good thing I’m not a mohel.

im affraid ill be like this too. you should hear me when i watch marvel movies hahhaa

im tryna watch this on imax also. 3 green cans of tilt oughta have me ready to watch anything good idea pablo. and madea goes to jail LOL i was wondering about that. i havent watched any of those movies, are they worth it?