Who Were the Pretenders and Who Was the Real Deal


Throughout a fighting game’s history the company makes characters that are a variation of another character.

On the rare occasion these variations are seriously unique in playstyle and only look similar in a visual sense and usually they are characters that came out at the same time as the other.

Rare characters like that are Ken and Ryu (SFII and beyond) or Jacky and Sarah Bryant (VF and beyond).

But most characters usually feel like cheap imitations.

So as the title says, who were the pretenders and who was the real deal?

From my experience with Tekken up to 3, Kunimitsu, was a poor man’s version of Yoshimitsu in every way. Her knife limited her range compared to Yoshimitsu’s sword and her moves list was far more limited.

Kuma was completely unnecessary. At least Gun Jack brought something unique with had flight mode and matched the majority of Jack 2’s moves. Kuma though was severely limited and both had less punishing moves than Jack-2.

Lee Chaolan and Martial Law were both “special” in Tekken 2 because they shared a few token moves but neither really stood out from the other because their unique moves and combos essentially sucked or were overly predictable and too easy to block. Tekken 3 changed all of that and Martial Law moved on to being a fleshed out fighter that Lee couldn’t touch.

Jin in T3 overshadows his parents taking the best of what they offered in techniques making him the real deal compared to his various imitators from [edit]Devil/Angel to Heihachi.
[edit]Accidentally put in Wang in the Devil spot when he played more like Michelle and was better at it in every way even though he came out after her like Jin did with all the “imitators.”


Developers usually have the decency to differentiate pallete swaps or clones by messing around with their gameplay a bit, but of course some characters were too OG and innovative in their playstyles, and therefore served as inspiration for dozens of “homages” down the road

Every heavy Capcom grappler is essentially Zangief
Ryu and Ken were the first characters with a fireball plus dp design, a staple of fighters since its introduction
Chun Li became the mold for female fighter characters (not in gameplay tho), every goddamn series has its version of it (Mai Shiranui, I am looking at you)

etc. etc. etc.


a lot of series have their version of Bruce Lee aka Fei Long/Dragon/Etc…

Edit: Oh i see you mean characters from one company/game? I’ll have to think about that.


Ralf and Clark after 94 and before 12 if we are talking body swaps that are totally different. Add Vice and Mature too.

But if we’re talking innovation, SNK has set the bar on crazy ideas for FG caracters that worked well.


You do realise you have no idea what you are talkin about right? Lee’s moves that were unique suck? You do realise Lee is better than Law in Both T2 and T1 and he’s not in T3. How can Lee’s signature move Infinate Kicks which was borderline broken in T2 be crap? Lee plays nothing like Law anyway. Hasn’t since Tekken 1.


Oh crap, you mean “pretenders” in the same game?

Well then Yun and Yang before third strike were complete clones…but I am not sure if that qualifies?


Good thing they fleshed him out into a different/MUCH better character. Until 12 that is…


They are different from each other in 2i and Yang is marginally better than Yun in that game.


Namco does tend go overboard and simply replace the character but give him/her the same moves as an older character.

And I believe alot of us are looking at Mai, just not for the same reason at you.


Rufus is such a copy of dhalsim
Kung Lao copied ryu


Dhalsim - Necro
Guile - Remy
Boxer - Q (?), Dudley
Zangief - Hugo
Fei - Yang (?)
Sean is kinda obvious aswell.

3S has a pretty big roster of them.


But not in new generation right?


Butch, the counterpart of Tiny in Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay, had a fart projectile attack and Balrog-like dash punches, whereas Tiny used Blanka-like rolling attacks and had no projectile.


Ryos a bitch.


So is Servebot…what’s your point?


Kon in Bleach DS 2nd has a fireball, a DP, and a hurricane kick. Definately doesn’t sound like that Japanese dude who shoots projectiles, does jumping uppercuts, and spinning kicks in mid-air, right?


In NG Yang is actually the EXACT same character. You get him by picking Yun with one of the K buttons.

Ky - Robo Ky… Robo is obviously the OG :smiley:


Satsui no Hadou Ryu, if not for the fact he jump started all of the “evil” version of chars to my knowledge(though if any were earlier, none of them figured into the story as much as he did, especially for the fact he only officially appeared at the end of SF1.)


No, he was a complete ripoff of Bonus-Kun from Waku Waku 7. :coffee:


By the gods! That’s exactly what I want to look like!