Who were you named after?

…If you were.

My mother was always a big fan of Vincent Price, and the Don McLean song “Vincent.” The latter, and VV himself were cited as the primary inspiration for my name.

Kind of fucked up, but I dig my name.

Awesome. That’s a cool ass reason.

My parents just picked my name because they liked the spelling and meaning. Champion or cloud depending on the use of the region/ethnicity of the person.

They also both really like Neil Young, so that is probably also a factor as well.

I’m named after my Grampa, my father’s father. My middle name is my father’s name.

My dad has never explicitly said so but I’m pretty sure he wants me to continue to line, but I absolutely do not want children. Feels bad man.

My father’s name is my middle name as well. I was going to change my last name (to a new one entirely) when I got married, but I could tell it
bothered my dad.

Both of my grandfathers and my dad have the same first name, Robert.

My dad was the only one who went by Bobby.

My uncle’s middle name is his grandfather’s first name, being Glenn. Too bad Glenn Beck had to bring a bad name…to that name.

Named after my old man and his old man, Walter. Middle name Nathaniel was my Mom’s father in law. :yawn:

Gonna legally change my name to something batshit crazy. Any suggestions? I’m thinking I’ll change it to Gah Lak Tus.

My first and middle name come from this guy.

Guess its better than Jose or Juan. :coffee:

I’m name after my sister (with some modification) because were faternal twins and the family wanted to keep the tradition of twins having similar name.

My sister name is Keonna

An evil dictator and I’m dead serious.

When I was born his reputation wasn’t anywhere as bad as it is now.

I am Osbjorn Erik Bernard Gulbranson Jr.
I was named after Grandpa
He died a day before I was born so my parents named me after him

My Mom actually hated the name so instead she called me Erik for a year after I was born then My big brother started calling me Ozzy and that’s what everyone has called me for my entire life.

First name is the same as my Dad’s, we share the same initials.

However my middle name and what I go by is Kyle, when asking my Dad how he came up with this name, he told me he was a fan of Terminator and named me after the lead character, Kyle Reese.

I then informed my Dad that you know, he dies at the end of the film, which never occurred to him. Bad omen or am I destined to preggers some chick and get killed by a robot? Who knows.

…Jodeci a member of fucking jodeci…

Is why I have my first name

Kyle Reese is a pretty badass dude to be named after, regardless of his eventual fate.

I was named after saints. I’m not particularly sure as to what their accomplishments were, aside from getting mentioned a lot in church while my parents were picking out baby names.

K-Ci, JoJo, DeVante Swing, or Mr. Dalvin?

I got my two uncles’ middle names: Robert & Charles. One’s a tool, the other’s a pretty cool guy. True to form, I’m a pretty cool tool. :S

Well, one ended up being the voice of Donatello in the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie and hasn’t done much since. The other died of pneumonia. I’m hoping I take after the first and become a Ninja Turtle…

I’m pretty sure they named me after some salsa singer or whatever, but i share this guy’s name.


Indeed, I rather like it and became a fan of Michael Biehn’s film career as a result.

In all seriousness though I was named after some character in a book. He was some guy lost in the wilderness or some shit.

Same name but different spelling: Davonte