Who were you named after?

My first name (Richard) was the name of a fellow deputy in the Law Enforcement agency my dad worked for at the time. He really helped out my parents when they lost their first born child due to crib death. My parents told him that their next child would have his name.

My middle names (Andrew Harold) are my great-grand father’s and dad’s names

My dad.

My first and middle name are from the middle names of my mother and father…

I was named after my father, and the first of my middle name is his brother’s name. My nickname was given to me by my sister; she named me after Michael Jackson, believe it or not.

Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. No, seriously. That’s the legit response when I asked my parents. It’s just the first name, but they couldn’t have thought of something else? That name seems so plain. ><

I got my first name from a book of names my mum had bought when she was pregnant with me.
My middle name is my late grandfather’s (from my mother’s side) name.

I was named after Malcolm X.

I’m named after my mom and some random kid in the hospital. My mom is Stephanie, so I’m Stephaun and then she overheard someone else name their kid De Angelo, so I got that as a middle name.

Also on the spelling… she wanted people to pronounce it correctly, so she tried to spell it phonetically. It didn’t work; I still get people calling me Steven or Stephen. Plus, just as a social experiment google image search Stephaun then Stefan and tell me what you notice about the Stephauns… :shake: Thanks for that mom. I’m sure this has gotten my resume tossed in the trash along with all the Shaquieshas and Treyvontays

my dad

First name is my dads, middle name is my mothers father.

Why would anyone change their last name while they’re still on decent terms with their father? I’d be bothered too if my kid did that shit.

Respecting your surname =/= respecting your father. He didn’t choose it. Some people have awful last names they wouldn’t want their kids to grow up with.

It doesn’t matter if he didn’t pick it. It’s his family name and your family name. Just my opinion, though.

…My last name is Jufägnig.

(It’s Austrian.)

The fact that I have to try as hard as I am not to laugh means you’ve won this battle. That’s unfortunate.

My middle name is Randy. My dad was a huge wrestling fan in his younger days and “Macho Man” Randy Savage was his favorite. Yea, dad named me after his favorite wrestler.

My middle name is Edgardo it’s from my uncle (dads’s side) who died of a heart ailment while playing basketball for his high school. What always trips me out is he made the game winner then collapsed right after, whats worse is my dad’s side of the family never told my father he ended finding out about in a Salvadorian newspaper that was available here in the Houston he kept the clipping from the newspaper which Is kept in his old wallet.

I am named after the hospital I was born in. Just with different spelling.
I use to hate my name but after I found out what my parents were originally going to name me (Paul) I feel much better about the name they decided on.

My kids middle name is going to be Funkasaurus.

LOL, my father talked to me about wanting to have me change my last name as it is absolutely difficult for anyone to pronounce it correctly and even my dad’s side of the family will pronounce the last time differently from other family members. I had my reasons as well. But I did keep my new last name still in the family tree and to give honor to a family member. As for my first name, in the 80’s there was a lot of popular names to name your kids, my parents went that route.

Been talking about babies lately (still another couple years off, likely). I like the name Tavish for a boy. Not COD-inspired.

In all seriousness my father refuses to talk about his past, but had a “dream” that my Brothers and I were all going to be rich lawyers and open up a farm called J-For Justice.

My brother and I are artists, and my other brother wants to be a cop. Lel

Probably got the coolest last name out of everyone tho, Chance.