Who/What impressed you the most in evo?

heres mines:

  • Daigo’s Balrog in ST. Geez this guy’s Balrog is like Magneto on crack. Crazy ass rush down

  • Justin beating Raoh and making top 3 in 3s

  • KO’s yun

  • X’s sentinel. You can’t lay a finger on it. Too fuckin beastly.

  • Vegita-X. This guy knows everything bout his team. The combos he does are crazy. And Rogue w/ speed up is just scary.

  • Buktooth’s Iori in cvs in the finals. Too bad I didnt get to see a lot from his Morrigan.

  • Chris Schmidt. I didn’t know he was this good. Especially for puttin soo in the losers.

Takayuki. =]


Only because he was an all-around, social guy who hung out with us scrubby American players, especially in our room. :slight_smile:

Kuni’s Zangief!

in gameroom

team scrub player vs msp

cable scores a perfect on msp, in 40 seconds.

no assist kill, no guardbreak, just straight up. not so much impressive as is WTF.

my highlights:

ricky ortiz making top 2 WITH vega.

playing kendebou in casuals…this guy is sick as hell in every damn groove. japan is too damn good.


dan that uses ryu ken sagat. he abuses the shotos dash.

I didnt see alot of anything that impress me alot but kendebou in cvs2 has great timing in pull in his moves and knows when to attack.

Also these 2 guys in the byoc room who didnt enter any tournament but was amazing. They played on the snes pad and brought there ps2 with sf ae. They basically owned anybody who played them even the top US players. The thing that impressed me with these two guys was one they played on a snes pad and they they were in a different level the anybody who played them.

The Japanese players. Especially Kuni and Daigo.

Watching these 2 guys play is one of the more disgusting matches in the entire evo. Good thing Daigo and X promptly owned them hard and send them packing the very next match.

Players I liked the most are:
Chikyu’s low-tiers
Kuni’s Zangief
Ricky’s Vega
That guy who won VF4

Who impressed me the most-???

X- his sent is to sick for some ppl, this cat needs some vaccination quik status

Carnevil- reall stepped up his game

Takayuki- sick sick sick

vegita x- rillest rouge pha sho

Issac- msp is psycho, if this man gets his psylocke snapped in BEST BELIEVE THE MATCH AINT OVER!!

too many ppl to name yo

What impressed me the most-???

Storms new corner inf, shit is nuts

when i found out i could do the air inf to ground inf with IM. haha idk, i impressed myself on that

daigos parrying skills

the japanese’s execution in mvc2

Buk’s sick ass iori and morrigan

~The Rillest~

-KO’s yun

-phat_toi and his bro’s mad skills on a pad in mvc2


-LTB’s godly parrying skills

-dr b landing 30+ level 1 scissor kick supers in a match. okay, i’m exaggerating, but he did land an assload.

-joe zaza and his duo wolvies

-clocks strider/doom win over wigfall

-kindebu’s wall jump crap with maki

-3 vega players making it to the finals in cvs2

-and of course daigo parrying all hits of chuns super and parried the last hit jumping into shippu combo for the kill.


DaiGoD And His Parring Vs Jwong In 3rd Strike!!! TOP TIER!!!

*Originally posted by mukai *
**orochi hades: sup how was evo
KCXJ: I couldn’t beat dr b… lol
orochi hades: lol
orochi hades: his s groove is godly
orochi hades: did u rec it
KCXJ: obot recorded a ton of matches
KCXJ: oh, shankar too
orochi hades: for real
orochi hades: how did ricky lose
KCXJ: he kept trying to punch blanka’s electricity
KCXJ: losing on the trade
KCXJ: plus he was totally nervous and messing up his CC’s
orochi hades: ic
orochi hades: that sucks for him
KCXJ: ricky and eddie lee play mad gay
orochi hades: what groove did u play when you played dr.b
orochi hades: like what
KCXJ: I didn’t even want to watch cvs2 after choi, buk, and dan lost
KCXJ: I played Choi’s team
KCXJ: C-guile, ken, sagat
KCXJ: S-Sagat is mad hard to fight against with C-sagat
KCXJ: really bad counter
KCXJ: everytime I try to s.HP him, I got hit by dodge, punch
orochi hades: yup
orochi hades: s groove is really good
KCXJ: then when I tried to stuff him, he would hit me with dodge, dodge, punch instead
KCXJ: it’s cheap
orochi hades: alot of people sleep on it
KCXJ: mad range, and a knockdown too
KCXJ: wtf?

I found this hella funny…to the fact that I didnt know I played KCXJ at all…and we have talked online via SRK hella times…people introduce yourselfs…we could already be friends…!!!


I was one one of the two you are referring to. We’ve (bro & I)played you before on Zbattle. Our nicks were: DGV, Gaiden, Vintage. You should get back on Zbattle if you have the time. There are some other solid SF plyrs there.

  • Kindebu’s Maki wall shit


-Daigo’s Rog

-MikeZ’s Tron drill that lasts for 20 seconds!!!

-Phat Toi’s aka triplet’s pad skills

-The custom colors in VF:4

Dr.B are you that black guy S groove player? If so, yea I watched some of your matches and I was impressed by a damn S groove player beasting like 8 bitches on a bitch boat.