Who/What won the community awards this evo 2010?


I only caught the third community award for Maj for his combo videos, he got a gold TE stick as reward. Who were the first two awardees?


s-kill and MrWizard


I believe the first two awards were for tom and tony cannon.


That was last year, he’s talking about this year.


I think it was Maj, who was one of the guys who made the combo exhibition.


S-Kill and Mr Wizard. Maj got the surprise community award. Dr. Chaos got the most promising newcomer award.



Day TWO - slash5150’s Photos


Day TWO - slash5150’s Photos


I wanted to know who got the rising star award at the end of the stream but they cut it off just before they announced it.

However I found this photo on flickr that suggest Dr.Chaos got it:

_DSC9144.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Very well done,getting top 9 is no joke at EVO.Chaos’ Ken was real nasty in vanilla and now with Kens improvements in Super and his other character Adon,I feel Chaos will be going far in Super.