Who where switched from a hori ex2 to a SE/TE stick?

im having a lot of trouble getting use to the TE stick… the extra 2 buttons always confuse me… i hate how my pink finger rests on the LB button… im getting destroyed online because im not use to it yet… i main balrog and many times i do headbutts when i mean to do dash straight… i guess its just more sensitive… sometimes i wish i had the ex2 still… but i hope ill get use to it… im getting owned online and its pissing me off

im pretty sure you can purchase button covers that would eliminate that problem ;o

You could also just turn them off in button config.

I woud buy hole plugs. If you can’t find the Sanwa ones, you might be able to find suitable hole plugs in Home Depot or Osh in the Drawers and cabinets section.