"WHO WILL COME OUT ON TOP?" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- RanBat 2.2 -- 5/3

Welcome back everyone to the SECOND season of The Arcade Infinity RanBat Series.

May 3rd, 2009
Sign up time subject to change, please refer back here for edits

come play the best in SF4 right in your socal home

Standard 2/3 Rounds (losers is Single Game till top 8)
LF, WF and GF will stay 2/3

For COMPLETE rules and info please refer to the AI blog.

For to be notified with any updates please enter your email in the box on the right side of the AI blog.

Yes!! I will be there!

Looking forward to it.

I’ll be there too!!! Count me in for more good times…

Yay! My first time going to AI to get my ass beat, excited.

Eventually you’ll run out of phrases Shoo.


wow so soon already?

im in…

Hmm don’t know If I can make it to this one again, for a midterm is calling my name >.>

How are you A Big Strong Asian when a little weak asian can handle that

I am NOT gonna be able to make it! no0o0o0. Good luck to all!

I’ll be there, secret weapon in hand! Mwahaha!!!

Yo…WTF Keno…

Is there a schedule for the next 4 upcoming RanBats at AI, or is it just roughly held randomly each month? I was just wondering…it would be nice to plan these ahead of time to avoid time conflicts.

If we continue with the same bi weekly schedule it should be:

may 17 2.3
may 31 2.4
june 14 2.5
june 28 2.6

considering there are no set backs + there might be an additional bonus tournament :wink:

^Sweet. Thanks for the info.


either that or another deadly main?

anywho i’ll be there to see that!

bonus tourney?! wonder what that could be…:smokin:

Always Sunday? Bummer.

no more 9th for me, i have a feeling top 8 this time :wink: dj vest watch out