Who Will Win EVO?


my money is on either Eita, Poongko, Daigo or Justin.

but since only 1 can win, i’d say Daigo

who you got??


Eita will come 2nd to Justin Wong. Daigo will do decent, but most likely place low top 8 like he has been.


According to Tokido blog: Daigo, Kaz, JWong and Latif may have to face each other early.

I’d like to see Uryo take it.


latif poongko fuudo tokido and i’ll throw in ortiz. eita wont make top im calling it :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone high on bath salts…probably Choco Blanka.


ZombieChoco…how eSports of you.

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…she has the teeth for it. :tup:


URyo is my bet. There is no way Wong can win Evo unless almost all of the Japanese eliminate themselves. I’m predicting a top 8 finish for Wong or Ricky, maybe a bit higher because of the Rufus factor. Just too many killers this year.


Sucks that Nuki had to cancel, not that I think he would have gotten far but he might have surprised everyone.


Daigo has been beasting lately, I’m feeling more and more like he will be able to take it.


Top 8 I’m calling it
1.Amiyu 2.Alioune(loses in GF not knowing Gen MU) 3.Naruo 4.Iyo 5.Nekojita 6.Makoto(Claw) 7.Nemo 8.Cantona

Ok real top 8 not taking into account pool/bracket assignments
Daigo, Latif, Xiao Hai, Fuudo, Haitani, JWong, Eita, and Xian in no particular order and not who are the best 8 players… so yeah random mixture of strong players.


Lol half of that list isn’t even attending.

If that doesn’t matter then i’ll have to say me.

Wat!? I was hoping to see him in the tournament of legends


None in my 1st list are attending hence the :slight_smile: at the end.
ETA: Calling it now, Xian’s Gen will be “this year’s Poongko.” Not a bold statement, but calling it nevertheless.


Here’s hoping Sako will take it. He really looks like a nice laidback guy. Hope he’ll play some Cammy, too


His grandmother who raised him passed away recently.


i put money on Sako :smiley:


Hologram Gootecks…
But, for real. I think Daigo is sandbagging.


Justin got this!


My money is on Sako, Poongko, and especially on Kazunoko. All of their oki is too good…

Edit: I think that Ricky and or Wong will make top 8 for sure. The Rufus factor has been insane lately.


Some unknown player