Who Will Win SBO 2008? (Poll)

There are currently 11 teams qualified according to the opening post. From these I will just make a poll to see which of these teams a the most favourited to win the tournament. I think the poll options limit is 10, so I will just retain the 10 most commonly picked teams.

Nuki(CH), RX (UR), KO (YA)
Inoue(MA), Kuroda(GO), MOV(CH)
BOSS(MA), Ochibi(MA), Rikimaru(CH)
Nanaichi(KE), Eda(DU), Aruka(IB)
Pierrot(RE), Yakkun(YU), AFM(CH)
Tokura(YA), Morikawa(YU), Aiku(DU)
Tsubo(CH), KZ(YA), Naitsu(YU)
Dotto(GO), Syouhei(DU), Amakusashiroutokisada(MA)
Ibuki12(IB), Yoshimoto(DU), DED(KE)

EDIT: How do I edit the poll??? I am trying to add this team:
Makeinu(UR), OJA(YU), Roshihikari(YA)

RX,KO,Nuki hands down…it HAS to be them winning…KO and RX both need a SBO title under their belts

I think 10 is the maximum for a POLL anyways.

Wait Ino isnt using Ken?


ochibi using makoto? I might have chosen that team if he was using yun but it’s a toss up between the first 3 options. I might go with MOV or BOSS, i dont think KO will break his streak just yet

Would think that is a typo, using 2 makotos in one team would be weird, especially when the other one has a yun at ochibis lvl.
cant decide who will win. to hard, so many sick players!

was really torn between the first two teams, but i picked the second team because RX doesn’t normally do well in tournaments last year was a fluke :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it is a typo there. Ochibi is using YUN and not Makoto.

Now I seriously need to edit the options for this poll… because there is a new team that qualified: Kokujin, Rikimaru, Momochi

There are still some more big names that will probably enter later such as Denshiken.

why the fuck did you make this poll in the first place? think before posting, maybe you won’t be covered in red if you start now. attention whore.


I’ll win.

Can I sue the threadmaker for not even including me in the polls?

Harmonaz. By himself on his own team.

Or whatever team has Aruka in it.

Hell yeah, Nuki, RX and KO hands down. where’s Daigo at? And KO is using Yang this time? Guess he decided to rape with the other twin. lol

I am gon make a new poll after Hayao and/or other big players like Ruu qualifies. But the maximum number of poll options is 10, so I can only include the favourites.
Obviously KO/RX/Nuki and Kuroda’s team are in. And Boss and Kokujin’s teams too.
Which other teams should be in? I think we need these ‘trademark’ players in:

Thanatos (Oro)
Pierrot (Remy)
HAYAO (Hugo, when and if he qualifies)
Roshihikari (Yang)
Aruka (Ibuki, his Ibuki is now the trademark Ibuki)