Who will you play in Ultra SFIV?


Now that balance changes are just about finalized and we know the whole cast, who will you main in Ultra SFIV?


Still maining Ibuki

Subs: the rest of the cast


Sagat or guile will probably be my main, chun a possibility.

Will try out the new chars tho


Same team but i’ll definitely be messing around with Poison and DeCapre.




Maining Hawk and Balrog, Might play hugo and Decapre


Well Poison will be my main and then Rose to cover any bad match ups… and some Decapre… but almost always poison now.


Poison and Ibuki. Poison looks so fun, and I love Ibuki’s character design way too much to ever drop her.


I will most likely stick with Balrog, though I am going to check out Rolento.


time to get back in shape in this game without playing a shoto, they get boring quick.


Mak and Viper

Might stop playing Yun and get Yang or Decapre instead as my " 3rd character I want to get okay at but never put enough work into it "


I’ll continue playing Cody and sometimes Dudley, but i want to try Hugo.


Hugo, I hope im not going to be the only one :(.


Nah dude Hugo looks like he’s going to be a great addition. Just wait till people get their hands on the game, put in that lab time, and i’m sure he’ll shine.


Yea, thats why I have faith in the character. Lab time/japan arcade videos is all we really need to see that he is a worthy addition. I just happen to love characters who bully others and have great corner control, guess thats why I love Adon and Honda.


Sigh* Those Yun changes, they are not final though, he’s one of the last characters they are still working on according to Combofiend 2 weeks ago. IF he magically becomes broken again, don’t come crawling back to our Chinese friend. ^_-


I’m sitting this version out. It really just looks like pure shit to me.


Still playing Mak and both flavors of Ryu. Probably gonna mix in some Hugo out of the newcomers.


Ken and dekappa looks interesting.


Yun and Gouken as mains depending on match-up, Ryu as fall-back alternative.

But I will certainly try out Poison, she looks solid. Also planning on trying out the new Evil Ryu, as I believe in his future top tier-ness…