Who Will You Use In SSFIV?

I know there is a section for this in the General Thread but I wanted to know the Canadian players perspective on this.

With SSFIV a month away, i’m curious what my peeps are using for Characters when the game comes out.

Characters i’ll try out in SSFIV:
Makoto - i was pretty good with her in 3S until I started using "Twelve"
Adon - I find him interesting in this version

My interest is there for the other new characters but I feel that those two have potential the most.
They are what I called a balanced character, atleast from what I can see.
I could be wrong since everything is based on videos but that’s my opinion.

So who will you use and why?

Edit: SSFIV Changes List. If you haven’t seen what your character can do.


If Ibuki has her air throw from 3S I’ll end up picking her up.

I’ll also be learning Guy.

Dudley, Makoto and Ibuki. One of these 3 will likely be my main. I loved 3S and I’m undecided as to which I’ll end up choosing.
Juri is interesting and different, i’m going to play around with her for a while too, see what she can do.
Cody I’m also interested in trying out because of how different his playstyle looks.

T.Hawk and DeeJay I’m not going to bother with, didn’t like them in ST.
Hakkan I might play, but he looks to… silly? We’ll see.
Adon and Guy i’ll play around with to see what they’re like, but at this point i’m not really that interested.

And if none of them interest me at all, i’ll stick with Balrog.

Dudley because he’s OP.

Ibuki had an air throw? I didn’t know that.
She is pretty cool with her target combos and what not.
I don’t like her globe ultra that much.

Guy is an enigma to me. I’ve seen a match between Daigo and Alex Valle with how Guy is supposed to be used in A3. That was pretty cool. He has potential to be one of the greats but I noticed how his dash kind of got nerfed. That’s just my observation. He still has that standing combo. I wonder if they would give him his Raging demon.

The cool thing about the new Alpha characters is how their EX moves can affect the game greatly.
They never had it before so, the EX properties will leads to damage i’m sure.
With Adon, EX Jaguar Tooth sends them flying for you to either do an ultra or follow up with combo.

Edit: I don’t want to use Dudley but I would like to get the Dempsey Roll on somebody. LOL!!


Looking at T.Hawk, Makoto and Guy. If any of them are top tier, I’ll probably main them. If not, I’ll just choose a top tier. Unless Dhalsim got some serious changes that haven’t been reported yet, I’m dropping him.

Hakan since he is retarded and requires no execution outside my ability.

mashing down and 3p requires execution of the highest caliber.

probably gonna stick with boxer or give deejay a shot

It’s a tough decision, Juri seems like she’s straight out of KOF while I’ve always been a fan of Cody, Guy and Dudley. Ibuki might be a good option aswell and I use DeeJay in HDR, so I have no idea until I try them. I’ll probably just go back to Chun.

Forgot to mention, Vega’s old ultra, hits going to the wall now.
Imagine EX Izuna drop. Free ultra after getting hit before the wall jump.

I added the Change List on the first post just in case people don’t know what changes their character received.
I don’t think that list is complete. I like the first line of description for Hakan. LOL!!


From the alpha series Cody was one of my favourites (along with Charlie), so Cody is gonna get some serious play time from me. I’ll still play with Guile though along with Cody.

You can land the first hit of Vega’s U1 (the wall dive part) and then the rest of it will miss :lol: it is strictly for comboing out of df+rh I think

I’m maining Ibuki, maybe sticking with Abel if Ibuki sucks

Yeah, well most of the people who know me know that I’ll be switching mains to Cody - he was my favourite character back in Alpha, and I can’t wait to be able to play him again. I will also be playing some Juri - I love the custom combo mechanic, and she seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun in terms of combo execution. I’ll still be playing Balrog as well, but frankly I’ve grown really tired with his limited options, and I’m looking forward to picking up someone else.

Probably Urien.

Skullomania for sure.

Ditching Guile for anything at this point.

SSF4 certainly has alot to offer in the cast department, im looking at:

Guile (always Guile) FADC shades all day long baby!
Gouken (Just picked him up in Vanilla, hes pretty fun)
And of course, my Bushin rush down machine, Guy.
I think we are all going to at least try out Hakan


hakan and t hawk for sure

or maybe Rolento

So glad I decided to keep my original copy of sf4 so that I could get the extra character!!!