Who will you vote for in Round 3?


Only one vote instead of two, but should be a good indicator…at least on SRK


for non-fish, non-pedo bait characters.


Pretty sure we don’t need this thread considering we have a who will you vote for thread and people are posting who they plan on voting for in round 3.


Vote Eliza and Minette if you want someone interesting. If you don’t want to vote for an interesting character then just go with Panzerfaust. That way his tank on his arm and the chainsaws in it are the only things you have to worry about


Vote anyone BUT Minette.


moeblob fanbase too stronk.

If I had to pick between Isaac and Stanley, I’d pick Isaac.



If you want someone cool and cute with an awesome fighting style vote Minette


I think all the characters look good, but I’m voting for Aeon, and Eliza because to me they have the most interesting looks, and abilities, I was shocked that they gave us the option to vote for Aeon or Venus at all, so I will be really happy if she manages to get in as one of the first dlc characters.
As for Eliza I have always loved ancient egyptian themed things, so she is definitely one of my top picks.

My next pick would be Minette because she is really cute, and would be nice as the first Dagonian to represent their race, I’m not sure about her waitress fighting style, but Mike Z has been saying some good things about her.
After that I would go with Annie since she looks and sounds interesting, she kind of reminds me of that girl with the scissors that appears sometimes in Franken Fran.
After that it’s the male characters, and I don’t really care for them that much even though they are still pretty cool, but I guess I would go with Stanley first just so we could have a Dagonian character, then I would go with Panzerfaust, because at least he looks pretty interesting, I’m not hyped up for him just because he has a Tank on his arm though. Then I would go with Isaac, I don’t really care for his character design that much, but his time travel stuff sounds interesting, but I would choose Aeon a hundred times over him. Last is Beowulf because he sounds like the most boring out of all the characters male or female, he doesn’t seem to have any unique abilities or traits, he’s just a guy with a chair and a dead wolf on him, I’m sure in play he would be fun, but he just doesn’t interest me that much.


I curse the day Alex created Minette.


I curse the day they decided she wasn’t just a BG chara.


45% Gameplay Votes, striking once more


You curse minette,I curse Urkel shark


You get the knive set, I’ll get the skillet.


Always wanted to carve up a shark


You’ll get the chance since he’s totally going to win.


I really hope Minette wins, or Annie,Eliza, and Stanley


Minette doesn’t bother me just Stanley he has no part in the story he is just there, Eliza is cool cause of her mechanic and connection to the medici’s, Annie is cool cause of her parasite and prior history skullheart, ill even say minette cause of her kidnapping at the end of fortune’s story. But I just don’t see where Stanley fits in.


he fits in an XL garbage bin.


labelled fish guts


This nigga.