Who wins a fight between Saitama and Bugs Bunny?


Items are allowed because the real world has items. The fight starts in a neutral location where you can’t get the goo from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Wtf no VS threads

Someone ban this urban thug


Who’s Saitama?




i’m sad that nobody remembers grape flavored Pop Tarts.

Y’all are making me feel either really old or really poor.

Not sure which.


These youngins don’t know whats good.






Pink Panther world destroyer





Gohan Blanco Completado.




Sonny Chiba, THE Street Fighter


This thread is just a honeypot for McWiz bans. Mods abusing their privilege smh.


Grape is ok but wild berry is life


Is this a trap?

I like pop tarts


Bugs Bunny got that kiss command grab with invulnerability frames


Popeye. Incidentally, Popeyes > Chick-fil-A.


Bugs bunny also never loses more than Saitama never loses.


Bugs Bunny no doubt.


Definitely Bugs



Bugs lost to the Gremlin, Cecil Turtle at least 4 times, Daffy, and even Elmer Fudd.

The Gremlin and Cecil Turtle owned Bugs Bunny so hard he lost his gaddamn mind:

A better matchup would’ve been The Dodo vs Saitama. The Dodo is like if Mad Jim Jaspers and Mister Myxzpltk did the fusion dance… then ate The One Above All. That thing could even walk out of animation frames mid-cartoon.


Damn where is the revote. Bugs bunny getting owned like a motherfucker.