Who works well with Law?

I’m going to get this game next week and I love the look of Law, but I don’t know who else to play with him. Any ideas on who works well with him/has good synergy? Since I’m a beginner I’m hoping for a character that isn’t too hard to play.

To be honest, as far as synergy and team combos go, Law is IMO probably one of the best teammates for anyone.

His Fury Fist Rush move can be canceled into a full super charge, his Shaolin Kicks can either keep your opponent on the ground for extensive cancel/launcher combos or put them in the air long enough for your teammate to catch them, and last but not least – he quickly builds A LOT of meter.

I use Juri but I think literally any other character that sparks your interest is a good match with Law. You just have to be comfortable with them.

Do you think Law works better when hes up first or if hes tagged in?

I think Law works slightly better when you tag him in. He can do EVERYTHING with EVERYONE almost… I’m glad I picked Law off the bat for Bruce Lee clone reasons. He turned out to be one of the best synergy characters on the roster.

Yeah, Bruce Lee clone is the reason I wanna play him too :smiley: Thanks for the help, I’m gonna try running him with someone who can get in easily I think.

I am really enjoying his synergy with Juri, but as others have said, he can synergize easily with anyone in the cast. I also secretly play him with Heihachi, the other synergy king.

Law works best with a judge

No seriously, I’d try put him second with Heihachi.

Hwaorang has real good synergy with Law.

Hwaorang is one of the few characters that can land a j.RH when switch cancelled in from Law’s spin kicks after a ground bounce. That already gives a significant damage output difference and he also gains the advantages of an untechable knockdown that rh.hunting hawk gives.

Hwaorang also has a solid dp which balances out the unorthodox invincible wakeup options of law, which can really mess with the head when used well. He also has a much more high-low oriented offense which is also counterbalances Law’s frame-trap quite well.

I run Law/Julia just cause Law produces so much meter for Julia when she comes in and supers someone reckless. Also, they combo well together, getting about 500 damage for one bar.

I’m still using Bison/Law at the moment. Thinking of switching over to Julia/Law as well.

Basically, Law is like SFxT’s version of UMVC3 Doom/Haggar. He goes with pretty much anybody on the roster.

I’m trying to use him with Chun Li, but I’m noticing that if I want to do 300+dmg with him after Chun Li does the launcher (Chun Li launch, Law tag in), I have to risk entirely missing on the first hit. It seems like his cr.MK/MP is the only move that comes out fast enough to confirm a combo after Chun Li’s launch, but that does less than 300 dmg. Anything below 299 is not acceptable imo, what am I doing wrong? Why do my tag-in attacks miss so much?

Some moves launch higher or float longer. You may notice results vary off cross and raw launcher when you bring your second character then follow up with certain attacks.

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Is this to say that Chun Li / Law isn’t a good team to build around?

Is Law a better character on point or tagged in? Who is a relatively noob friendly character to pair with law and on point or tagged. Thanks!

In v2013, Law remains a battery character best suited at point position. Although his meter building game has been nerfed, his combo potential is now crazy good and he can net in SERIOUS damage. Plus, he now has AA options and is equipped with the tools to make him as aggressive as never before. So yeah, point Law FTW. :slight_smile:

I have the experience that Law have problems getting in on some characters, so a character that is good at that is a good partner.